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Race and Place:
Architectures of Segregation & Liberation

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Race and Place:
Architectures of Segregation and Liberation

Groundswell installed
“Race and Place: Architectures of Segregation and Liberation (AoS/AoL),” in the main lobby of the City College of San Francisco Mission Campus (March 14 - August 4, 2016).

AoS/AoL examined 500 years of spatial injustice in the United States through photographs, artifacts, and literary text. AoS/AoL also documented ongoing resistance, which has included multiple strategies: armed struggle and escape; protest and direct action; grassroots organizing and legal action; cultural work and cultural preservation. more

CCSF Reading Garden

CCSF reading garden

Groundswell dedicated the Cloud Hall Reading Garden on the plaza between Cloud Hall and the Science Building at City College of San Francisco on March 26,2009 to the memory of David Landes, CCSF Economics instructor and community activist. more


Shell-ter Site:Housing Designs by Homeless Artists


A portable outdoor installation consisting of nine canvas panels arranged in a geometric spiral. Shell-ter Site gave its homeless participants a public voice. more

Architecture and Diversity Class

Architecture & Diversity

Architecture and Diversity (1995-97; 2000-Present) Building Basics, an experimental hands-on introduction to architecture and related fields for currently underrepresented populations–African American and Latino men, and all women–was offered at City College of San Francisco from 1995-97. more

The Building Instinct Project

Building Instinct

A multi-media installation in a local arts center, The Marsh on Valencia Street, in San Francisco's Mission District. Working with language and bird song, text and image, building materials and nests, The Building Instinct Project mixed metaphors and media in an attempt to construct a habitat that reflected The Marsh's desire to serve as the breeding ground for the research, development, and presentation of new creative work. more


Race and Place:
Architectures of Segregation & Liberation

Race & Place

(Future proposal for CCSF Downtown Building)
The main focus of the project is an installation that will combine artifacts, photographs, and artwork in a striking spatial configuration to educate the public on intersections of race and place in the United States. more

Stairway Project

Stairway Project

The hands-on exhibit will present a number of core lessons in stair design: mechanics; safety; and materials. It will also explore stairway shapes and external adornments. As it examines how body mechanics intersect with stair mechanics, the exhibit will address accessibility issues (alternatives for people with disabilities, such as escalators, elevators, and ramps). more