School of Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, and Multicultural Studies

The School of Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, and Multicultural Studies (SBSMS) provides courses and programs that fulfill general education, transfer, Associate Degree, and credit/noncredit certificate requirements. It consists of 11 departments that represent 17 academic disciplines.

Courses and programs offered by the various departments mirror cutting-edge and contemporary learning protocols, and instill value and appreciation for multicultural perspectives.

Courses are offered daily, evenings, and weekends, including short term, telecourse, and online educational venues taught at our college sites located throughout the City and County of San Francisco.

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The School of Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, and Multicultural Studies is committed to the delivery of a broad based curriculum reflective of the highest standards of excellence and diversity, which support and create a pathway for students to fulfill their educational needs, preparing them for civic engagement and participation in a democratic society.

Each department in this School strives to continually improve the teaching and learning process, broaden student consciousness, and cultivate a personal understanding of the importance of education as it applies to their studies and the world in which they live.


The School of Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences and Multicultural Studies affirms its support and commitment for the College Mission/Vision Statement:

  • Strengthening and improving academic courses and programs, to enhance student learning outcomes, and promote success for all students.
  • Recognizing our students as individuals with equal access and rights to diverse educational opportunities which foster self-esteem, pride, cultural insights, and an appreciation of diversity.
  • Providing excellent instructional and student service programs which prepare our students for success in the workplace as well as in the classroom.
  • Creating an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment based on mutual respect wherein the free exchange of ideas is nurtured among students, faculty, and our community partners.
  • Providing an environment where education is an empowering and enriching experience allowing students to acquire a body of knowledge and skills which stimulate the value and benefits of lifelong learning.

Majors (Associate of Arts/Science)

Associate of Arts Transfer Degrees