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How to Apply

Complete the Metro Transfer Academies Application

Metro Application Process

STEP 1: Become a CCSF student

Before applying to and enrolling in the Metro Transfer Academies, you must first apply to City College of San Francisco. Click here for the CCSF application and additional steps for CCSF admission.

STEP 2: Complete the Metro Transfer Academies Application


STEP 3: Attend one mandatory Metro Registration Session

To complete the Metro application process, students must attend one mandatory Metro Registration Session before the start of the semester in order to be considered for the program. Invites with more detail will be sent by e-mail and phone provided on the Metro application


For more information, please contact or call 415-452-5237


When to apply for Metro?

The Metro Transfer Academies accepts applications on an ongoing basis. Space in Metro is limited, so applying early is recommended.  

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