Frequently Asked Questions

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Please make sure to look through our frequently asked questions before contacting us. Many of the answers are probably here already!

How long is the Metro program, and what happens after I’m done with Metro? 

Metro students take two classes together over four semesters, working together as a cohort. After the two-year Metro program, most students need to complete some additional classes at City College. Your Metro academy coordinator will advise you until you are ready for transfer and will help you with the application process.  Most students are ready to transfer after three years.

Can I participate in Metro at San Francisco State University? 

Yes! Metro Transfer Academies is offered at both schools during the first two years of your college career. The process and deadlines for applying to SF State, and to Metro, are a bit different than at City College. For more details, please refer to 

What classes will I take as part of Metro? 

Once you are accepted into Metro, you will meet with the academy coordinator and an academic counselor or advisor to create your education plan. All Metro Transfer Academies classes will be both Cal State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) compatible. 

How do I register for classes? 

After you apply and are accepted into the program, you will get more details on how to register for your classes.

How can I learn more about Metro Transfer Academies? 

E-mail us at or call us at 415-452-5237