Registration - How to Enroll


You follow the same procedures to enroll in a Telecourse as you do for a face-to-face classroom section of a class: Registration details.

Additional links and information sources:

  • Take a look at Enrollment Made Simple for simple instructions on enrolling, adding and dropping classes.
  • For complete guidelines for International students, placement testing and many other questions, go to the full Enrollment page.
  • The Schedule of Classes is available to view online.
  • The phone number for Admissions and Records is 239-3285.

Watch out for deadlines! See Key Registration Dates.

If you cannot complete the steps above, come to the Ocean campus at least one to one and a half hours before your scheduled Orientation. Go to the Admissions office to complete your application. Then go to your Orientation and receive an ADD number from your instructor. Follow the instructions for Adding a Class.