If you have been waiting to get your College Degree because you don’t have time to come to campus every week, wait no longer. Finally there is a way for you to fulfill your dream.

City College of San Francisco has a program designed for the busy person like you. Yes, by enrolling in City College Telecourses you can fulfill all but three of the requirements for an Associate of Arts Degree!

Telecourses are a form of distance learning and are College courses. Instead of going to City College two or three times a week, you watch your lessons at home on your television. In addition, you can video tape your lessons so you can watch them at your convenience and review them as often as you wish.

As a Telecourse student you come to City College just three times a semester: once for an orientation, once for a mid-term and once for a final exam. Each of these is scheduled on a week night and on a Saturday which means you can come to the meeting that is most convenient for you.

Telecourses are not for everybody. To succeed, you have to be self motivated, possess good study skills, and be a mature learner. Most students find that Telecourses are as difficult as on-campus courses.

To receive an AA Degree from City College you need to successfully complete 60 units. 18 of these units have to count toward the satisfaction of the general education requirement for the California State University system or towards satisfaction of the breadth requirements of the College of Letters and Science of the University of California, Berkeley. In addition you need to fulfill the CCSF graduation area requirements. 

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Course Transferability and Graduation Area Fulfillment (Get Adobe Reader)

No qualified individual with a disability shall be denied on the basis of that disability, the benefits of, be excluded from participation in or otherwise be subject to discrimination under any City College of San Francisco programs, services or activities, subject to applicable law. Students who need academic accommodations should request them from Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) located in the Rosenberg Library Room 323. Telephone: 415.452.5481 (V), 415.452.5451 (TTY). DSPS is responsible for verifying and assessing disability-related need for academic accommodations and for planning accommodations in cooperation with students and instructors as needed and consistent with course requirements.