Adds and Drops

You can still add a Telecourse in the normal way, which is having the instructor give you an ADD # to place on an ADD form and then taking the ADD form to the registration office. You can avoid waiting in line by adding via online WebStar.

Make sure you have BOTH the CRN number and the ADD CODE for the class you want to add.

The add code can be used only ONCE for that class.

You can get your add code for some Telecourses from the Telecourse Office in Bungalow 204. Check either with your instructor or the Telecourse Office.

If you decide you have to drop or withdraw from a Telecourse it is YOUR responsibility to fill out the necessary paperwork and take it to the Registration Center in Smith Hall.

Please refer to either the Time Schedule or the Catalogue for the exact procedure to follow when you drop or withdraw from a class.

Besides dropping a class in person by filling out a drop slip and taking it to the Registration Office, you can also drop by WebSTARS during the first few weeks of class. Check the Time Schedule for exact dates.

Check with your instructor to see if you have to go to the department to get a drop slip signed or to receive your 7 digit drop code.