Telecourses are designed to allow students to earn credit toward their degree using the education access channels on San Francisco Cable’s Channels 27 and 75, EATV.

Telecourse broadcasts are also available outside San Francisco via AT&T U-Verse. Please check your local channel listings for EATV1 (ch. 27) and  EATV2 (ch.75).

Telecourses are college classes you can take at home and receive college credit. Instead of coming to a CCSF campus two or three times a week, you watch your lessons at home on television or you stream the class on your personal computer. Because you are watching on a television you can, depending on the equipment you have, record the lessons and watch them at your convenience. Watching streaming content means you can also review the lessons as often as you need to. This truly makes telecourses much more flexible than a face-to-face  course.

You will not attend daily or weekly classes. Instead, you will meet with your instructor three times during the semester for an orientation, a midterm exam and a final exam. The rest of the time you will study on your own. Some courses occasionally require additional meetings on/or off campus and/or hold review sessions prior to an exam. Ask your telecourse instructor about the dates and times of these meetings.

As a telecourse student you'll work more independently than is typical for a face-to-face class. This also means that you are MUCH MORE responsible for your own success by structuring your time, meeting deadlines and completing assignments for your telecourse.

All telecourses give you college credit and count towards an AA degree conferred by City College of San Francisco. In addition, many of these classes are transferable to a four-year college or university.

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All telecourse lessons can be viewed on Cable channels 27 and 75 in San Francisco. Cable channels 27 and 75 are the Educational Access Cable Channels for San Francisco and are included in your basic service. The lessons are also kept at the Media Center at City College, the Phelan campus, for the convenience of students who may miss a television showing. Students who do not subscribe to cable can purchase digitally streamed lessons  for the semester from IRIS education.