Registration - How to Enroll

Enrolling in an Online Class

If you are a new student, please visit the Admissions page for more information. The admissions process for online students is the same as it is for face-to-face students.

The registration process for enrolling in an online class is the same as it is for a face-to-face class. Please visit the Registration page for more information.

You follow the same procedures to enroll in an online class as you do for a face-to-face classroom section: Registration details.

  • Additional links and information sources:
  • Take a look at Enrollment Made Simple for simple instructions on enrolling, adding and dropping classes.
  • For complete guidelines for International students, placement testing and many other questions, go to the full Enrollment page.
  • The Schedule of Classes is available to view online.
  • The phone number for Admissions and Records is 239-3285.

Watch out for deadlines! See Key Registration Dates.

If you cannot complete the steps above, please email

Contacting your Instructor

Some instructors require that you contact them by email after enrolling in the course and before a certain date in order for you to receive important information.

If you have not emailed the instructor by that date, you may be dropped and replaced by another student on a waitlist. See the course descriptions to determine if you are required to contact the instructor by email or go to their webpage.

If you are required to email your instructor, include this information:

"I have registered in your online class (enter course name here)." Include your first and last name and your student ID number.

Adding an Online Class after Open Registration

To add an online course during the add/drop period, you MUST have an ADD NUMBER. Only students who've already applied for College admission and received their student ID number can add.

If the instructor has scheduled an orientation, you may pick up an ADD form at that time (if needed) and also obtain an ADD NUMBER at that meeting IF there is still space in the course. With the ADD NUMBER, you can add the course by following the instructions on the "How To Enroll" page.

If you have problems during this process, please email your instructor.

Wait List Information:

Some online courses will use waitlists each semester. Follow the instructions on the "Wait List FAQ" page.