Computer Requirements

CCSF uses a learning management system (LMS) named Insight based on Moodle, an open source software package for online classes. It does not need to be downloaded. It is installed on a web server that is accessed by students assigned a unique login and password.

It is important that students check their computer to make certain that it meets the necessary system requirements for an online class. Additionally, some online classes require specific plug-ins.

The Tune up and Check page runs an automatic browser check with results and links for downloading plugins that you might need for your course.

Computer Recommendations

Computers Minimum Recommendation Ideal Recommendation
Windows computers

Windows 2000, XP

Sound card (class specific, check with your instructor)

Windows XP/7

256MB+ RAM
Sound card

Macintosh computers 600MHz
MAC OS X 10.4

512MB+ RAM
MAC OS X 10.5 or higher


Hardware Requirements Specific to a Class

Your instructor may have further requirements. For example, if you are taking a language class, your instructor may recommend that you have a microphone. Please check your instructor's website or send your instructor an email to ask about further requirements.

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