Online Classes

City College of San Francisco offers online classes using the learning management system called Insight. Information about online classes is found in the class schedule. Some classes require on-campus meetings. Check the instructor's website for specific class informaiton. For information about accessing online classes go to Class login information wil be sent to your CCSFmail address. Click here for more info about CCSFmail.

CCSF online classes are all credit degree applicable classes with the exception of DSPS-P and DSPS-S.

Online classes provide students an opportunity to learn in an environment that is physically remote from instructors and classmates, and at the same time close and personal. Online classes open the classroom to a world of dynamic, diverse content.

Current Online Classes

To see descriptions of all Spring 2014 online courses, go to CCSF 2014 Spring Class Schedule Listings.

Becoming an Online Student

Online classes are not for everyone. To succeed, you have to be self-motivated, possess good study skills, and be an independent learner. Online classes are as challenging as on-campus courses. Online classes are not self-paced. Course assignments, quizzes and exams have deadlines. Some courses have an on-campus component.

Tips for Success

1. Take a short self evaluation to help you decide if online classes are right for you.

2. Check to make sure the computer you will be using meets the minimum hardware and software requirements.

3. Enroll in LERN 55. This one unit course introduces technology and study skills necessary to succeed in online courses. Includes online course navigation, course-related computer competency, self-directed learning, online communications, and study skills for online learning. Especially useful for students new to online study and students who have been unsuccessful in online courses in the past.

4. Talk with your Counselor about what courses work with your educaiton plan.

All Online Classes are Different...Just Like

Face-to-face Classes!

Online classes at CCSF are not-self paced classes. Classes require online tools such as forums, assignments and testing along with regular effective contact between the instructor and student.

Just as all face to face classes have different deadlines and requirements, so do online classes. Some have due dates on a Monday while others have due dates on a Thursday.  Some online classes require no orientation while others require a mandatory orientation. Some online classes offer only one orientation and others offer several options.

It is important that students check the faculty member's website for class details. It is the student's responsibility to meet individual online class requirements including required orientations, scheduled meetings, and course work.

Computer Requirements

A computer with internet capability is the primary tool used for online courses. Students are strongly encouraged to have some basic computer experience and regular access to a computer with internet capabilities. The computer will need to meet certain hardware and software reequirements. Check System Requirements to find out if your computer meets the requirements for an online class.

Student may use the open access computer labs on the Ocean Campus and CCSF Sites with a valid current semester CCSF ID with a barcode. More info is found here.