Online Learning (Old)

Online Learning (old)


Online & Hybrid Online

  • Fully online classes. Take classes using a computer with an internet connection anywhere.
  • Hybrid online classes. Complete a portion of the class using a computer with an internet connection anywhere and come to campus for class meetings. Some classes have mandatory on-campus orientations.

Online and Hybrid online classes are not self-paced. Students participate in regular and substanative contact with the instructor. Class assignments, quizzes and exams have deadlines, and the class follows the regular semester schedule. All online classes use CCSF's learning management system, Insight.


Telecourses will no longer be offered after fall 2014

A combination of videos, textbook readings, written assignments, newsletters, meetings, and phone contact.

There are three mandatory on-campus sessions: an orientation, a midterm, and a final exam. Instructors offer optional review sessions and additional office hours. Contact with the instructor outside of the mandatory sessions is required. Regular newsletters from the instructor are sent to students' mailing addresses.

Videos are available to watch in several ways: