Succeeding in Online Classes

What it Takes to Succeed in an Online Class

Are you ready to take an online class?

Online classes provide a great deal of flexibility however, they are not for everyone. To succeed, you have to be self-motivated, possess good study skills, and be an independent learner. Online classes are as challenging as on-campus courses. Online classes are not self-paced. Course assignments, quizzes and exams have deadlines. Some courses have an on-campus component.

Tips for Success!

Check your instructors website (click the link to the instructor's website in the online schedule) to see

  • If you need to email the intructor.
  • If the class has an orientation.

  • If there are mandatory on-campus meetings that might conflict with a face-to-face class that you are in.

Consider taking LERN 55:Successful Online Learning or CCSF Quest for Success. More information below.


Enroll in LERN 55: Successful Online Learning

The Learning Assistance Department offers LERN 55, a one unit online class in successful online learning. Generally the course is offered three times a semester. The course description states the class, "Focuses on technology skills, communication skills and online study strategies such as following online instructions, time management, goal setting, self-motivation and self-responsibility and making realistic commitments. Especially for students new to online learning and those with previously unsuccessful online course attempts."

Interested in taking LERN 55? Check the online schedule of classes for more information.  

Checkout Elizabeth Stewart, the LERN 55 instructor's webpage, for more information.

CCSF Quest for Online Success, a self paced tutorial

How ready are you for your online course this Semester?

Congratulations! You have registered for an online course that is accompanied by a free online Quest for Success Program designed to increase your success in your online course.  Quest includes 11 interactive and fully accessible tutorials and 4 tools combined with the SmarterMeasure diagnostic assessments and quizzes (the SmarterMeasure assessment identifies and helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.  The tutorials and tools give you strategies and teach you how to strengthen those weaknesses).  There are two pathways in the program - one for novice online learners and one for experienced learners- choose the right one for you.  Quest gives you easy access to support resources throughout the term! 

Please follow the directions below to register and complete the Quest program for Spring 2017.

1.     Login to Canvas first

2.     Go to the self enroll link for CCSF Quest for Online Success.

3.     Click the button "Enroll in Course"

4.     Click the button "Go To Course"

5.     Complete the modules and you're on your way to a successful online course!