Nutrition Assistant

What will I learn in this program?

The Nutrition Assistant Program is a two-semester certificate program designed to develop competency in the delivery of nutrition-related services.  Graduates of the program work as paraprofessional staff in public health, community-based settings, or hospitals.  Study in the program will consist of an integrated curriculum of nutrition course work (15 units), and field experience (2 units) at diverse work settings (i.e. WIC Supplemental Nutrition Programs, Head Start, Senior Nutrition/Home Delivered Meals Programs, Food Banks, public health agencies, UC Cooperative Extension, clinical sites) under the supervision of Registered Dietitians.

What kind of jobs can I get once I complete the program? How much will they pay? What “demand” is expected for these jobs?  Please refer to Occupational Outlook Handbook for current information on salary and job prospects.


Average Annual Salary

Expected Regional Demand

Diet aide, assistant, clerk, food service worker


Average Growth

Nutrition Assistant I at WIC


Average Growth

Public Service Aide


Average Growth

Nutrition Education Assistant


Average Growth

Does this program have any special enrollment requirements?

Admission Requirements:

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or have passed GED test or a high school proficiency exam.
  • Completion of HOEC 98, Introduction to Nutrition Assistant Program, with a grade of C or higher.
  • (Acceptance to the program occurs AFTER successful completion of HOEC 98; the other courses  are added after acceptance.)

Preferred completed courses/ experience:

  • Recommended English proficiency level: placement in ENGL 90 or ESL 160, or completion of ESL 150 with a grade of C or higher.
  • High school chemistry and biology
  • Basic computer skills; basic math skills
  • Experience working in health or nutrition in a community or hospital setting

Does this program have any special costs?

Books: $200
Food Safety Certification exam fee: $35
Additional transportation costs for field experiences located in neighboring Bay Area counties

How long will it take to complete this program?


Time to Complete*


2 semesters (10-week field experience period starts upon completion of course work and runs from mid-April until the end of June of each program cycle)

*Based on full-time attendance or 12 units per semester

How do I get more information on this program?

Department Website: Nutrition Assistant Program
Department contact information: John Adams Campus, Consumer Education Department, 1860 Hayes St., San Francisco, CA  94117, 415-561-1971
Program coordinator information: Lisa Yamashiro,, 415-561-1971