Occupational Clusters Work Group

The Occupational Clusters work group is a team of faculty, counseling, and administrative staff at  City College of San Francisco. The group is focused on providing guidance on occupational cluster definition, designation of certificates, departments and programs assigned to clusters and application of career pathways to each cluster. The group is open to all faculty, counseling and administrative staff at City College of San Francisco. Please contact Melissa McPeters for further information if you would like to participate.

Meeting Notes

May 2017
May 1, 2:30pm-4:00pm, room MUB 288
o   Meeting purpose: Complete the Liberal Arts Cluster.

I.      Welcome
II.     Work Group Purpose
III.    Today’s Meeting Objective
IV.     What we have agreed upon so far
V.      Recap of Work Group work to date & review Phase 1 & 2
VI.    Exercise and activity to identify details of Liberal Arts cluster
VII.   Discuss how to populate Liberal Arts cluster
VIII.  Phase 2 will further be discussed in Fall

•    Theresa Rowland opened the meeting – Recapped work done thus far and what we need to accomplish today

Work Group Purpose
•    Improvements and moving forward on the “Liberal Arts” cluster

Today’s Meeting Objective
•    Provide direction to the operational staff to populate the “LA” cluster

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April 2017
April 6, 2:30pm-4:00pm, room MUB 288
o   Meeting purpose: Define and identify content for the Liberal Arts Cluster

I.    Welcome
II.   Discuss changing name of the Occupational Work Group
III.  Brief update website update
IV.   Define and Identify content for the Liberal Arts Cluster
V.    Other
VI.   Next Meeting Objectives

•    Carmen Lamha opened the meeting - discussed last meeting’s homework

Discuss shortening the name of the Occupational Work Group
•    How can we shorten the name of the Occupational Work Group?
•    Make a simple acronym?
•    O.C.T. – looks like October.  O.C.W.G. – too long?
•    Group suggested we survey the group.

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March 2017
March 16, 2:00pm-3:30 pm,  MUB 150
o   Meeting purpose: Define the purpose of the Occupational Cluster “wheel,” address improvements, evaluate and improve (as needed) the Career Match survey (at the center of the wheel) and links;


February 2017

Feb 2, 4:00pm - 7:00pm, MUB 150
I.    Icebreaker and refreshments
II.   Background
III.  Vision
IV.   Proposed Objectives for this group
V.    Next Steps

Ice breaker/discussion- Members of the group shared their educational experiences and how their interests led to where they are now in their career.
Background on Occupational Clusters “Wheel” to date: Phase 1- 2016 and Phase 2- 2017
•    Discussion- Team members were asked to identify where their departments were listed;
•    What do we see as outcomes from the Clusters, if used as advisement tool?
•    From the various perspectives in the room, what is the potential value?
•    Reorganized information in a way that makes sense to students, we spent over four months working with faculty, students, and external stakeholders to inform the design;
•    Liberal Arts as a cluster is pending development, this group has the opportunity to arrange and classify in a way that make sense;
•    The big idea- students enter college to impact their earnings; students want/need viable satisfying careers;
•    More work to do: many fields are not represented in the wheel, e.g. doctor, lawyer, K12 teacher, social worker, hospital administrator, etc… this is work this group could take on for expanding beyond CTE programs and representing the whole college and all programs;
•    This group could take on revising the Career Match Survey, if deemed a high priority.

Full Meeting Notes - PDF