Strong Workforce Program

The Strong Workforce Program funding presents an exciting opportunity to strengthen Career and Technical Education enrollment at CCSF, address existing gaps in funding for CTE programs, spur innovation in CTE offerings, and put in place a solid infrastructure for CTE program delivery.

We will use this page to link to resources, meeting dates and post other relevant information. 

We are currently implementing the strategic plan that was approved in December 2016. We plan to update the plan as needed to meet future goals. Below is a link to the final plan. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to join upcoming meetings.

SWP Strategic Plan


January 2017:

The Office of Workforce & Economic Development announces the release of the 2017-18 Applications for Perkins & Strong Workforce Program funds.  The Request for Proposals and application forms can be found on the Perkins Funding News page on our CTE website:

SWP Task Force Update:

The task force completed its 2016 goals and finalized the strategic plan for SWP funding. The Academic Senate approved the plan.

Final draft of SWP Strategic Plan (Word document)

The group will continue to meet in 2017 to discuss ways to optimize SWP funding.


Past Events:

DECEMBER 5, 2016 3-5pm, MUB 240

1. Welcome – Beth Cataldo
a. Review of SWP Task Force work to date

2. Update/Work to Date on FY 2016-2017 SWP Expenditure Plan – Theresa Rowland
a. Update on progress to date
b. Review of timeline and tasks for completion

3. Discussion of Revised CCSF SWP Strategic Plan – Beth, Theresa
a. Review final draft of SWP Strategic Plan, incorporating feedback received to date
b. Recommendations for further changes to the revised SWP Strategic Plan
c. Discussion of Task Force recommendations for top two priorities

4. Discussion of CCSF SWP Allocation Process, FY 2017-2018 and beyond – Beth, John Halpin
a. Update on progress on combined CTE program application and opportunities for input

5. Regional SWP funding update

6. Next Steps – Beth, Theresa

Additional Meeting Dates for Fall 2016:

--CTE Steering Committee Meeting:  Dec. 6, 10 am-12 pm

--CTE Coffee Chat, Dec. 13 at 1:30 pm


NOVEMBER 21, 2016 3-5pm, MUB 240

1. Agenda

2. Discussion of second draft of SWP Strategic Plan
a. Review second draft of SWP Strategic Plan
b. Recommendations of further additions
c. Review of proposed attachments:
Doing What Matters Strong Workforce Program Metrics
Centers of Excellence (COE) Bay Area Regional Labor Market Assessment
CCSF Office of Institutional Research and Planning Program Funding Matrix

3. Discussion of SWP Allocation Process
a. For FY 2016–17:
• Update on progress
• Review of FY 2016–17 Local Expenditure Plan memo and application
b. For next year and beyond
• Solicit input for combined CTE program application
• Discuss internal SWP allocations framework


NOVEMBER 7, 2016 3-5pm, MUB 240

1. Agenda

• Meeting Highlights (posted 11/9/16)

2. Review of Institutional Goals
  a. Educational Master Plan and Board Goals
  b. Equity Plan Introduction
  c. Matrix of Different CCSF Initiatives and their focus 
  d. Initial Draft of CCSF SWP Strategic Plan

3. Discussion of SWP Strategic Plan and Allocation Process
  a. Update from Theresa Rowland re: Progress on Local Expenditures for FY 16-17.
  b. Recommendations for SWP Strategic Plan content: CTE priorities for next three years (suggestions from faculty)
  c. Recommendations for internal SWP allocations process based on Perkins application process (discussion)

OCTOBER 24, 2016 3-5pm
• Powerpoint
• Meeting Highlights


The CCSF Office of Workforce and Economic Development and the Office of Research and Planning will offer a CTE workshop on sources for gathering program and labor market data on November 2, 1:30 – 3:00pm in the TLC in Batmale Hall 313. Contact David Agam [] in Research & Planning for more information.