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Welcome to the Business and Finance cluster for City College of San Francisco.

Whether you are looking to build your skills in accounting, marketing, management, accounting or finance, the San Francisco Bay Area’s best community college business programs are at CCSF.

Why spend a fortune at a business school when San Francisco residents can earn a free certificate in Green and Sustainable Business, Building a Business Web Site or Computer Applications for Business? In less than a year, you can get certified in Business Administration, Marketing, California Real Estate or Finance. Get paid more while you work your way through school earning an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies, Accounting or Administrative Support in City College’s top-rated business and finance programs. Earn valuable work experience before you graduate or stay up to date with the latest business trends by continuing your education learning from the best business minds in the Bay Area.

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NonCredit Programs

Credit Programs - Under 30 Units

Credit Programs Units Required
Career Match Codes AA/AS/Certificate Credit/NonCredit Website
Advanced Apparel Techniques
9 E/S/A Cert./Credit Fashion
Office Administration Specialist
12 C/S Cert./Credit  Administrative Support, Office Technology, and Computer Applications - Credit Program
Fashion Illustration
15 A/S/R Cert./Credit Fashion
Travel-Destination Specialist
15 E/C Cert./Credit Travel and Tourism
International Business
15 E/C Cert./Credit International Business
Supervision and Business Management
15 E/S Cert./Credit  Supervision and Business Management
Construction Management: Core Skills, Advanced Skills Certificate 15 R/C Cert./Credit Construction
Apparel Construction 16 R/I/C Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Portfolio
16 E/S/A Cert./Credit Fashion
Fashion Styling
16 E/S/A Cert./Credit Fashion
Image Consulting
16 A/E Cert./Credit Fashion
16 R/I/S Cert./Credit Fashion
Travel and Tourism
16 E/C Cert./Credit Travel and Tourism
B&W Photography-The Zone System 17 R/I/S Cert./Credit Photography
Digital Photography 17 A/E Cert./Credit Photography
General Business 17 E/C Cert./Credit General Business
Studio Lighting
17 A/E/S Cert./Credit Photography
Travel and Tourism Management 17 E/C Cert./Credit Travel and Tourism
Microcomputer Accounting
18 E/C Cert./Credit Accounting
California Real Estate
18 E/C AS/Credit Real Estate
Film, Television and Media Arts
19 - 21 S/C/E AS-T/Credit Cinema
Office Technology
19.5 - 21 R/C Cert./Credit Administrative Support, Office Technology, and Computer Applications - Credit Program
Retail Management
24 - 26 E/S Cert./Credit Retail Management
California Real Estate
24 E/C Cert./Credit Real Estate
24 E/C Cert./Credit Marketing
24 E/C AS/Credit Marketing
Labor and Community Studies 24 E/S AS/Credit Labor & Community Studies
Nursery and Garden-Center Operation 26 R/E AS/Cert.Credit Environmental Horticulture
27 E/C Cert./Credit Finance
Travel & Tourism
28 E/C AS/Credit Travel and Tourism
Business Administration 29-30 E/C AS-T/Credit Administrative Support, Office Technology, and Computer Applications - Credit Program
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Credit Programs - Over 30 Units