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Key Leadership - CCSF Workforce Development Office

John Halpin

Workforce Development


Cecilia Jones

Management Assistant,
Workforce Development


I chose to spend my career in the workforce development field because I believe that everyone can achieve career success with the right supports. For over twenty years I have worked with many San Francisco organizations, dedicated to helping people find meaningful employment and advance their skills. I hope to use this experience to continue to serve the San Francisco community and CCSF students in particular. I am grateful to my network that has supported my career growth, and I encourage all CCSF students to grow your network, build your LinkedIn profile, and connect with us in Career Services!

I received my AA in Human Resources Administration from Santa Rosa JuniorCollege (SRJC). I worked in Human Resources Recruiting for two years, as Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Business and Professional Studies for 10 years, and adjunct faculty in Computer Studies for two years at SRJC. I was also Test Center Coordinator for the SAT Program for eight years.

As SRJC Classified Senate President, served on all key policy and decision-making shared governance committees, and I continue to pursue higher education in hopes of continuing to passionately support and promote Community College Career Education. I also like to bake. 

Alina Varona

Assistant Dean 
Career Education Pathways
Strong Workforce Program


Zach Lam

Assistant Director 
Strong Workforce Program


All students are capable of achieving success when given equitable support. As a former California community college student and first generation American, I know first-hand the value and transformative power of education. I believe in working with students and communities in a way that values and sustains the richness of their culture, lived experience, and the wealth of assets students bring to bear on their education and into our classrooms and programs. As an educator, I am deeply committed to ensuring we close existing opportunity gaps by creating innovative, engaging, student-centered programs and pathways which empower individuals to manifest their educational and professional aspirations.


I’ve spent my career at the intersection of education and social work, first as a WIA case manager and then as a program manager for drop-out re-engagement and college access programs in WA state. I’ve worked almost exclusively with special populations, designing programs specifically for homeless young adults, individuals in immigration detention, and young adults involved in the juvenile justice system. Throughout my career I have seen the transformative power of education to liberate minds, create a sense of purpose, and grant access to financial stability. My time working with homeless individuals taught me that workforce development is the most viable and sustainable anti-poverty strategy and I am excited to be doing this important work in the city I grew up in.

Monique Forster Pascual

Apprenticeship & Instructional Service Agreements


Wendy L. Miller

Associate Dean
Adult Education Program

Arts 208

As a Bay Area native, I understand how integral equal access to resources can serve as a pathway towards economic opportunities.  I’m committed to serving the community and ensuring equal opportunity for all, especially those who are economically disadvantaged. Apprenticeships provide structured education and training that is effective in creating a sustainable workforce. It also creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the employer and employee. I look forward to creating new opportunities to develop and prepare students for a successful journey to their careers.

We welcome Adult Education students from around the globe – and the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to their education at City College! While here, students learn or improve their English, complete their high school diploma, gain job skills, prepare for citizenship, or move on to get a degree. I am excited and honored to help connect students to the classes and services that will enable them to fulfill their life, career, and civic goals.

Key Initiatives

John Carrese

San Francisco Bay Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research


Maura Devlin-Clancy

CCSF MakerSPHERE Coordinator
Faculty, CNIT Department - Web Development Programs

I am proud to be a member of the City College of San Francisco Career Education and Economic Development team.  My role is to provide labor market and workforce data to our college community. Students use this data to make informed decisions about what careers to pursue and faculty and college leadership use it to decide what programs of study the college should offer that lead to employment and good wages in the Bay Area. I have worked in the workforce development field for over 25 years and know that education and work experience through internships, apprenticeships and volunteering are powerful strategies that lead to career advancement.

I am Coordinator of MakerSPHERE and Faculty in Computer Networking & Information Technology. My work focuses on hands-on teaching and learning strategies that support non-traditional students, particularly women and underrepresented students in tech and STEAM. In MakerSPHERE, our network of makerspaces across CCSF, each and every student will find an open door to courses, work-based learning and other opportunities that can lead to high paying jobs and a way to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. I invite new and experienced student makers from all backgrounds to MakerSPHERE for hands-on and collaborative learning opportunities, and innovative and engaging programs in departments across the College. Come visit us in SmartHub in Sci211, Collaboratory Space in R403, and Industrial Lab at the Evans Center.

Vivian Faustino-Pulliam

Faculty and Program Lead
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Pamela Gutman

Deputy Sector Navigator
Advanced Transportation and Logistics


I got into entrepreneurship at a very young age when I was a student and a mother of three. I was also blessed with a rewarding management career in banking that lasted for two decades before I transitioned to academia. In my volunteer work with refugee-students in refugee camps across Africa and Central Asia, I have witnessed the transformative power of education especially to those living at the margins of our societies. These experiences inform my work today. And as an educator, I am advocating for social entrepreneurship and innovation that are accessible and inclusive.

As Deputy Sector Navigator for Advanced Transportation and Logistics, I am working across the region to develop initiatives to help our students be better prepared for careers in transportation. With new technologies emerging constantly, it’s an exciting and challenging time to be teaching or working in the transportation sector. Employers are asking our programs to provide our students with more advanced semi-autonomous and electrical training and better soft skills. I am always inspired by our students’ enthusiasm for the new technologies that are ‘reinventing the wheel’. And I am thrilled when I can successfully support faculty create new curriculum and internship opportunities that lead to fulfilling, long term careers for our students – and not just jobs. For information on my background, please see my Linked-In page.

Olivia Herriford, D.M.

Information Security Analyst Apprenticeship Grant Manager
Apprenticeship & Instructional Service Agreements





My career and life are a culmination of the gifts of my experiences, education, and passions. My father, a single parent, had an 8th grade education but encouraged me to never stop learning. I persevered to earn a BS CompSci degree at a college where I was always the only black woman, motivated by exposure to work I’d dreamed about as a summer intern for IBM. That experience provided the vision I needed to overcome the constant barriers I encountered throughout a 35-year career in tech and the educational path to my terminal degree. Unfortunately, those same barriers still exist, discouraging too many students in the pursuit their visions. I am dedicated to changing that! My personal journey fires my passion for the work of connecting women, black, and latinx students to careers in information and communications technology and the endless possibilities that creates.