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Cancellation Policy

The Office of Community Services reserves the right to discontinue, postpone, or combine activities and to change instructors. We receive no public funding and are self-supported by class fees. If a minimum enrollment is not reached, a class may be cancelled before the first meeting.



Refund Policy

Refunds are issued only in the following circumstances:

1. A full refund is automatically issued if a class is canceled.

2. If you would like a refund, a written request must be received by the Continuing Education office 7 days prior to the first class meeting. A $20 processing charge per class will be deducted. Enrollment cancellations received after the refund deadline and up to 2 days before the start of class will be issued a Letter of Credit for class fees, less a $20 processing charge.

Mail requests to:
Continuing Education
Fort Mason Art Campus
Laguna & Marina Blvd - Bldg B
San Francisco, CA 94123

Fax request to 415 561-1849 or Email:
No phone requests for refunds or letters of credit will be accepted. Please allow 4-6 weeks to process requests.

3. Once a class has begun, no partial refund or letter of credit will be issued for any reason, including illness, travel, or classes postponed because of circumstances beyond our control. Material fees are paid to the instructor on the first class meeting and are non-refundable.



Attendance Policy - You Must Be Enrolled

Due to liability regulations, only enrolled students may attend a class or workshop. Please arrive early if you wish to discuss the class content with the instructor.



Continuing Education Enrollment in a CCSF Credit Course

Some CCSF credit classes may be available through a Continuing Education enrollment and is a no-credit, space available basis. This option for enrolling through the Continuing Education program is for students, who would like to repeat a class already taken and have reached the repeatability for the class. Students must attend the first class and obtain the instructor's signature on the Continuing Education registration form. The registration form and payment will be processed after the second week of instruction. The consent of the instructor and approval of the Department Chairperson is necessary.

Continuing Education Registration Form