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Continuing Education has a separate registration system!!

Please use the registration form for mailed and faxed registration, or when registering in person at Fort Mason. Make checks payable to CCSF. There is a $15.00 charge for all returned checks. Credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard only. You may also Register Online. Enrollment at the first class meeting is on a space available basis at campus locations.

Additional Costs: In some cases, a materials fee may be charged. Material fees are paid to the instructor on the first class meeting and are non-refundable.


  • Registration continues until the class starts.
  • Refer to class description for dates & times of each specific classes
  • See IMPORTANT DATES for dates when no classes are held.

If room number is TBA, number will be posted at the location.

Requests for reasonable accommodations for special needs must be made before registration. Every effort within our ability and legal responsibilities will be made to meet your request.