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CCSF Extension is not a part of the Free City Program. The CCSF Extension program is not supported by public funds and is financed entirely by workshop fees.

Upcoming: WILD SF! California Naturalist Certification Course 8/23/2019-10/25/2019

Art Workshops

Various Media

AR115 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) 7/27/2019

AR136 Intro to Illustration & Perspective 6/11/2019-7/9/2019

AR158 A Collage a Day: Exploring Techniques and Content 6/12/2019-7/17/2019

AR199 Modern Calligraphy and Projects 6/10/2019-7/15/2019

AR519 Chalk Paper Marbling: One Day Workshop 6/15/2019

AR781 Studio Workshop: Define Your Creative Direction 6/18/2019-7/16/2019

CP401 Designing Digital Products: Bring Your App to Life 6/10/19-7/1/19


AR156 Get Inspired: Weekly Sketch Prompts Workshop 6/18/2019-7/23/2019

AR201 Learn to Draw Using the Figure 6/12/2019-7/24/2019

AR204 Afternoon Portrait Drawing Workshop 6/24/2019-7/22/2019

AR210 The Figure as Subject Matter: Explore In-depth Drawing Methods 6/15/2019-7/27/2019

AR221 Monday Night Beginning Drawing Workshop with Erik Parra 6/10/2019-7/15/2019

AR273 Life Drawing with Collage 7/13/2019-7/27/2019

AR295 Introduction to Observational Drawing and Painting 6/15/2019-7/20/2019

AR337 Writing, Illustrating, & Publishing Children's Books 6/18/2019-7/23/2019


AR102 Watercolor and Additive Color Theory Workshop 6/19/2019-7/24/2019

AR413 Painting the Portrait with the Zorn Palette 6/15/2019-7/20/2019

AR417 Figure Painting Intensive: One Day Workshop 7/27/2019

AR425 Introduction to Watercolor Workshop 6/11/2019-7/16/2019

AR427 Learn to Paint Using Acrylic Processes 6/11/2019-7/23/2019

AR466 Intro and Continuation of Oil Painting: Materials, Color and Form 6/12/2019-7/24/2019


AR710 Sculpture Workshop: Finishing Without the Use of Glazes 6/8/2019-6/15/2019

AR724 Ceramics Workshop 6/22/2019-7/27/2019 JOIN WAITLIST

AR751 Raku Workshop, Section 1 6/30/2019

AR752 Raku Workshop, Section 2 7/28/2019


AR901 Introduction to Screen Printing Workshop 6/15/2019-7/20/2019 JOIN WAITLIST

AR910 Between Painting and Printmaking 6/11/2019-7/23/2019 

AR921 Monday Morning Advanced Printmaking Workshop 6/10/2019-7/22/2019



TX102 Itajime Shibori - Layered Patterns with Natural Dye 6/22/2019

TX103 Shibori Dyeing and Block Printing 6/19/2019-7/24/2019

TX171 Contemporary Embroidery Sampler 6/17/2019-7/22/2019

TX378 Kakishibu Persimmon Tannin; Tan, Gold, Gray and Black 7/13/19



PH101 The Magic of the Darkroom : Black and White Level 1 6/12/2019-7/24/2019

PH500 LAB - Black and White Darkroom- Summer 6/23/2019-7/21/2019

PH801 Taking Pictures with Your Digital Camera 6/17/19-7/22/19

PH555 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 6/19/19-7/9/19


Jewelry Making

AT609 Metalsmithing 01 Introduction to Jewelry Design and Creation 6/8/2019-6/29/2019 JOIN WAITLIST

AT610 Metalsmithing 02 Introduction and Intermediate Workshop for Jewelry Design and Creation - Surface Enrichment and Embellishment 7/6/2019-7/27/2019



MU101 Learn to Play Guitar 6/12/2019-7/24/2019


Voiceover Acting

TAQ11 Voice-Overs One-On-One:Getting Started in Voice Acting anytime 


Film Appreciation

CM101 Caught in the Act: Great Performances and How to Recognize Them 6/12/2019-7/24/2019


Writing Workshops

WR106 Creative Non-fiction Summer Workshop 6/17/19-7/8/19  JOIN WAITLIST

WR109 Sparking Creativity: A Workshop to Jumpstart Your Fiction Writing Project 6/11/2019-6/25/2019

WR118 How to Self-Publish Your Book; One Day Workshop 6/22/2019


Test Preparation

TST100 LSAT Test Prep 6/10/2019-7/24/2019


Investing and Retirement

FP101 Investment Basics for Everyone 6/17/2019-6/24/2019

FP117A Passport to Retirement ® 6/25/2019-7/2/2019

FP120B Protecting Financial Assets for Retirement: New Strategies 7/27/2019


High Rise Fire Safety Renewal

TF110B High Rise Fire Safety Director Renewal Certificate 6/4/2019


Fall Wedding Planning Workshops

WP101 Wedding and Event Planning Certification 9/10/19-11/5/19