Orchids- Care and Culture II

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This workshop is designed for students that are interested in the cultural needs of individual orchids, including materials needed and how to grow, pot, divide and water many different kinds of orchids. Troublesome ailments, diseases and pests coupled with solutions and cures. The instructor will explain materials needed and sources on the first day of the workshop.



Upon completion of this workshop, a student will be able to:

            1. Demonstrate the proper culture techniques needed to grow Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, and Dendrobium orchids

            2. Employ proper potting, dividing, and materials for orchids.

            3. Identify and propose possible solutions for common pests such as aphid and diseases.


Instructor: Tom Perlite

Tom Perlite Has a BS in Botany from Cal State Berkeley and began his lifetime career in Orchid Culture at Rod McClellan's Acres of Orchids in San Mateo. He founded Golden Gate Orchids in 1981-a wholesale nursery supplying flowering orchids to the San Francisco Bay Area. The business eventually filled a 40,000 square foot greenhouse with incredible orchids from all over the world. After many years of growing and hybridizing a wide range of orchid genera, Tom is semi-retired and has joined the faculty of the Horticulture Department.


Fee: $175
Dates: 4/9-4/30/2020
Day: Thursday
Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
Number of meetings: 4 
Location: Ocean
Rm: EH/F 002