Blood and Money: Writing Workshop 

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This is a class in which the goal is to complete one story, essay or memoir (works-in-progress welcome). Along the way we’ll deepen our work through revision and expand our understanding of how writing does what it does in our work and in remarkable examples of the craft. We’ll write often, both in class and at home, tackle class, race, and other difficult subjects, and support the work of  fellow writers in class and with written comments.

Instructor tip, paraphrasing Grace Paley: If you haven’t included blood (family) and money (how people make a living), the piece isn’t finished.

Instructor: Mardith Louisell

Mardith Louisell’s short stories, flash, essays and memoir can be found in various on and off-line journals, including Persimmon Tree, Smokelong Quarterly, Solstice Literary Magazine and Best Travel Writing. She grew up on Lake Superior, and when she’s not writing, teaching or editing, she takes pictures of people's ears (see Mardithlouisell.com).


Class Fee: $190
Dates: 3/6/19-4/17/19 (no class on 3/27)
Day: Wednesday 
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Number of meetings: 6
Location: Downtown Campus
Rm: 621
Materials fee (pay to the instructor): $10