CFESA: Basic Technician Training Program

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The Commercial Food Equipment Technician Training Program is comprised of TWO interactive e-learning courses that provide entry-level technician students with fundamental knowledge of the commercial foodservice industry, as well as the technical theories and principles of electricity, gas, and steam, as they relate to commercial food equipment.

The TechU24/7 “CFESA: Basic Technician Training Program” for commercial food equipment repair technicians provides entry-level technician candidates with the fundamental knowledge needed to be employed by a commercial food equipment service company.
Commercial food equipment repair technicians continuously train throughout their careers to achieve higher levels of competency and efficiency in troubleshooting and repairing equipment that employs evolving technologies with higher degrees of technical complexity. This training includes both industry certification programs, as well as factory training for the OEM brands these organizations represent as factory-authorized warranty service providers. Training programs are managed and paid for by the hiring service company.
The “CFESA: Basic Technician Training Program” is a 24-hour e-learning program that is comprised of two main courses and five (5) exams.

This course covers a broad range of topics associated with the restaurant industry including the various types of cooking, holding, refrigeration and warewashing equipment used in commercial foodservice establishments, as well as topics such as food safety and emerging equipment technologies.
- The Foodservice Industry Overview
- Utilities
- Kitchen Ventilation
- Food Safety and Sanitation
- Cooking Equipment
- Dishroom Operations and Equipment

The course provides the fundamental building blocks needed for a technician to properly troubleshoot and repair commercial food equipment. Topics covered in this course include a comprehensive understanding of the technical theories and principles associated with electricity, gas & steam as they relate to commercial food equipment, as well as an overview of the various components and test equipment you’ll work with as a commercial food equipment repair technician.
- Electricity
- Gas
- Steam

Upon successful completion of the course a proctored exam will be conducted at an authorized CFESA member company located nearest the candidate. Upon passing the proctored exam candidates will be interviewed by the CFESA member company. If candidates are not hired by the CFESA member company they will be provided access to a database of companies who are interested in hiring graduates of this program.

Cost for the Certification: $1495
(early registration discount does not apply)
Location: Online, anytime