Bartending to the Max to Master Level Bartending

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BRQ01: Be the bartender managers want to hire… Using the Master Code of Mixology™, a branded method of instruction for the beverage industry, this self-paced online format uses videos, slide shows, exercises, images and text to make learning how to be a great bartender comprehensive and fun.  The training will teach you to learn to see the business from three points of view:  the bartender, the customer and the manager.

BRQ03:Managing a bar or restaurant can be an overwhelming experience.  The physical, emotional and mental demands are extreme.  This class will teach you simple ways to handle difficult situations with unhappy customers and employees, the duties of each employee, and key factors which are vital to a successful business.

Instructor: Kellie Nicholson

Class Fee: $229
Date(s): Ongoing online class with 24/7 access