French Grammar “À LA CARTE” and Contemporary Literature

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Mystified by the use of the gerund in French? Or the difference between “dans une heure” vs. “en une heure”? Baffled as to when “dernier” comes before a noun as opposed to after? Or by the pronunciation of “nous mourons” vs. “nous mourrons”? Bring your questions and frustrations, and we’ll solve your problems together!

Then discuss the fifty shades of love seen in Amours (2015), a sexy French novel by Leonor de Recondo that brilliantly subverts the clichés of Victorian literature in a story that continually surprises and moves the reader.

A native speaker of French, instructor Renée Morel has taught French and Linguistics at City College since 1986. She has also conducted classes in French Phonetics at U.C., Berkeley, and at La Maison française, a U.C. Extension program.


Fee: $185
Dates: 1/31/19-3/14/19
Day: Thursdays
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Number of meetings: 7
Location: Downtown
Rm: 320
Materials fee to be paid to the instructor: $3