Contemporary France : Advanced French Conversation

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Who are the “gilets jaunes” and why has this grassroots political movement been relentlessly demonstrating for over three months now? How has the role of the sommelier expanded in recent years, attracting more and more females (and, incidentally, why do so many French champagnes happen to have a German name)? Can young students born to uneducated immigrant parents really succeed in France’s fabled meritocratic system? How about the “impostor’s syndrome” that many high achievers often experience because of gender stereotyping or family dynamics? Have fun discussing these and many other sociological facets—often surprising—of la France et les Français

When not traveling in la belle France, instructor Renée Morel teaches French at City College of San Francisco and lectures throughout the Bay area on numerous aspects of French civilization, from the Gauls to de Gaulle.


Instructor: Renée Morel


Fee: $185
Dates: 3/21/19-5/9/19 (no meeting on 3/28)
Day: Thursdays
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Number of meetings: 7
Location: Downtown
Rm: 322