How to Cultivate Qi

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In this workshop, students will obtain embodied knowledge and deeper understanding of Qi (the vital life energy) through the study of a well-known Qigong exercise, Yi Jin Jing (易筋经), which dates back at least several hundred years in China. In addition to mastering the twelve movements of Yi Jin Jing, students will also learn the basic concepts of Chinese medicine, such as Qi, essence, heart-mind, and the Yin-Yang principles. Qi plays a pivotal role in the balance of yin-yang system, and is therefore the foundation of health and vitality.

Yi Jin Jing exercise are simple and easy to learn, but it takes repeated practice and correct body postures to develop the sensitivity of flowing Qi. This workshop prepares you to begin your own regular Qigong practice for overall body-mind wellbeing.

Required textbook: Jun Wang, Cultivating Qi: An Introduction to Chinese Body Mind Energetics. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books. 2011. Students can either purchase the required textbook before class at Amazon, Or from the instructor on the first day of class ($15 in cash). 

Instructor: Jun Wang


Fee: $160
Dates:  4/13/19-4/20/19
Day: Saturday
Time: 8:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Number of meetings: 2
Location: Mission Campus
Rm: 109