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DNC101 Wedding Dance Workshop 4/17/19-5/15/19

AR131 Combining Words and Images, A one-day workshop 5/5/19

ID362 Social Media Brand Strategies 4/18/19-4/23/19

LA365 Contemporary France: Advanced French Conversation 3/21/19-5/9/19


Art Workshops

Various Media

AR131 Combining Words and Images, A one-day workshop 5/5/19

AR133 Art & Assemblage Workshop: the Re-Contextualizing of Objects 1/28/19-3/4/19 WORKSHOP FULL

AR158 A Collage a Day: Exploring Techniques and Content 2/6/19-3/6/19

AR163 3 Dimensional Collage 3/13/19-4/17/19

AR488 Introduction to Encaustics Workshop 4/24/19-5/8/19 

AR781 Studio Workshop: Define Your Creative Direction 2/19/19-3/19/19

AR782 Studio Workshop: Define Your Creative Direction II 4/2/19-4/30/19


AR115 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) 4/27/19

AR136 Illustration and Story Boarding 2/6/19-3/13/19

AR201 Learn to Draw Using the Figure 1/26/19-3/16/19

AR204 Portrait Drawing Workshop 2/21/19-3/21/19

AR210 The Figure as Subject Matter: Explore In-depth Drawing Methods 4/6/19-5/18/19

AR214 Long Poses: Opportunities for Exploration 3/23/19

AR221 Monday Night Beginning Drawing Workshop with Erik Parra 1/28/19-3/11/19

AR273 Life Drawing with Collage 2/23/19-3/16/19

AR275 Collaborative Drawing, One Day Workshop 5/4/19

AR295 Introduction to Observational Drawing and Painting 2/23/19-3/23/19

AR337 Writing, Illustrating, & Publishing Children's Books 2/4/19-3/18/19  WORKSHOP FULL

AR338 Advanced Children's Book Illustration 4/1/19-5/6/19


AR199 Pen and Brush Lettering 4/3/19-5/8/19

AR413 Painting the Portrait with the Zorn Palette 2/2/19-3/23/19

AR421 Painting with a Contemporary Focus 1/31/19-4/11/19 WORKSHOP FULL

AR425 Introduction to Watercolor Workshop 2/12/19-3/19/19

AR427 Learn to Paint Using Acrylic Processes 1/29/19-3/19/19 WORKSHOP FULL

AR428 Further Explorations with Acrylic Paints 4/2/19-5/14/19

AR430 A Watercolor Painting a Day 4/4/19-5/9/19

AR466 Intro and Continuation of Oil Painting 4/18/19-5/16/19

AR479 Botanical Illustration Workshop 2/21/19-3/21/19

AR488 Introduction to Encaustics Workshop 4/24/19-5/8/19 


AR701 Life Sculpture Workshop: Standing Figure  1/22/19-3/19/19

AR705 Life Sculpture Workshop: The Reclined Pose  4/2/19-5/21/19

AR724 Ceramics Workshop 2/7/19-3/21/19  WORKSHOP FULL

AR730 Intermediate Ceramic Workshop 4/4/19-5/16/19

AR751 Raku Workshop, Section 1 1/13/19

AR752 Raku Workshop, Section 2 2/17/19

AR753 Raku Workshop, Section 3 3/31/19

AR754 Raku Workshop, Section 4 5/18/19

AR830 Sound as Sculpture 3/23/19


AR901 Introduction to Screen Printing Workshop 4/6/19-5/4/19

AR910 Between Painting and Printmaking 1/22/19-3/5/19

AR921 Monday Morning Printmaking Workshop  2/25/19-4/22/19



TX102 Itajime Shibori - Layered Patterns with Natural Dye 2/23/19

TX103 Shibori Dyeing and Block Printing 3/7/19-4/18/19



ID360 Inspired Spaces: Interior Design Workshop 4/3/19-5/8/19

ID361 Trend Forecasting & Building a Brand 4/2/19-5/7/19

ID362 Social Media Brand Strategies 4/18/19-4/23/19



AT609 Metalsmithing 01 Introduction to Jewelry Design and Creation 2/23/19-3/16/19  WORKSHOP FULL

AT610 Metalsmithing 02 Introduction and Intermediate Workshop for Jewelry Design and Creation - Surface Enrichment and Embellishment 4/6/19-4/27/19


Photography and Filmmaking


PH101 The Magic of the Darkroom : Black and White Level 1 2/6/19-3/13/19

PH201 More Magic in the Darkroom : Black and White Level 2 4/13/19-5/18/19

PH501A LAB -Black and White Darkroom 2/17/19-3/17/19

PH501B LAB -Black and White Darkroom 4/7/19-5/7/19


PH402 Photography Portfolio Seminar  1/30/19-5/29/19


PH550 Digital Photo Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop 4/1/19-5/6/19

PH801 Taking Pictures withYour Digital Camera 2/19/19-3/19/19

PH802 Continued and Expanded Digital Photography Intensive 5/18/19

Filmmaking and Voice-Over

PH812 Documentary Film and the Urban Environment 2/4/19-3/18/19

PH813 Introduction to Editing the Documentary in Adobe Premiere 4/22/19-5/6/19

TAQ11 Voice-Overs One-On-One:Getting Started in Voice Acting anytime 


Film Appreciation

CM102 Hidden Jewels: Great Movies No One Has Ever Seen 4/3/19-5/15/19


Music and Sound

MU101 Learn to Play Guitar 1/30/19-3/20/19


Writing and Literature Workshops


WR103A Spring Writers' Lab; Session 1 2/11/19-3/18/19

WR103B Spring Writers' Lab; Session 2 4/1/19-4/29/19

WR105 Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop 2/13/19-3/13/19

WR108 Blood and Money: Writing Workshop 3/6/19-4/17/19

WR120 Personal Narrative Writing Workshop 2/21/19-3/21/19



LT101 Shakespeare for the Elizabethan Impaired 2/12/19-3/19/19Language




LA300 Review of French for Beginners I 2/12/19-3/5/19

LA301 French for Beginners I Workshop 3/14/19-5/9/19

LA302 French for Beginners II Workshop 3/12/19-5/7/19

LA361 French Grammar “À LA CARTE” and Contemporary Literature 1/31/19-3/14/19

LA363 Contemporary France: Advanced French Conversation 1/29/19-3/19/19

LA365 Contemporary France: Advanced French Conversation 3/21/19-5/9/19


LA450 Basic Greek Conversation 2/20/19-4/17/19



EA110 Topics in Field Ornithology - Part A 3/13/19-4/17/19

EA115 Topics in Field Ornithology - Part B 4/24/19-5/22/19



HG100A Ikebana - Sogetsu School 1/12/19-2/23/19

HG100B Ikebana - Sogetsu School 5/25/19-6/29/19


Business and Finance


FP101 Investment Basics for Everyone 2/4/19-2/11/19

FP105 How to Pick Stock and Bond Mutual Funds for your own Portfolio 4/1/19-4/8/19



FP117A Passport to Retirement ® 2/7/19-2/14/19

FP117B Passport to Retirement ®  4/2/19-4/9/19


Health and Wellness

DNC101 Wedding Dance Workshop 4/17/19-5/15/19

HE330 How to Cultivate Qi 4/13/19-4/20/19

AAAI/ISMA Fitness Certification

HE154 Personal Trainer Fitness Certification 4/20/19

HE158 Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification 4/21/19


Wedding Planning Spring Workshop

WP101 Wedding and Event Planning Certification 2/19/19-4/18/19


Wedding Planning... at your own pace

WPQ01 Wedding Planning Certification

WPQ03 Certified Wedding Planner : One Day Certification Exam for Experienced Wedding Planners

WPQ05 Going Green: Green Weddings and Business Practices

WPQ06 Combination Class: Wedding Planning Certificate and Going Green

WPQ07 Preston Bailey Wedding and Event Certification


Commercial Food Equipment Service Technician Program your own pace

TTQ01 CFESA: Basic Technician Training Program


Bartending Training... at your own pace

BRQ01 Bartending the Easy Way

BRQ03 Professional Bar Management

BRQ05 Bartending to the Max to Master Level Bartending


High Rise Fire Safety Renewal

TF110A High Rise Fire Safety Director Renewal Certificate 3/5/19

TF110B High Rise Fire Safety Director Renewal Certificate 6/4/19


Wellness Center Semester Memberships

CE500 - Fitness Center and Pool Semester Membership

CE511 - Fitness Center Only Semester Membership

CE562 - Pool Only Semester Membership