Field Ornithology I - Introduction to the Birds of the San Francisco Bay Area

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The San Francisco Bay Area supports an incredible diversity of birds that is matched by very few other areas in North America. The goal of this class is to provide participants with the necessary skills to begin to understand that diversity. The class emphasizes the identification of local birds, as well as when and where to find birds in the Bay Area. Supporting lectures explore the evolutionary and ecological underpinnings of bird diversity. Each class includes identification criteria for particular groups of birds, along with lectures covering topics in bird evolution, ecology, and behavior. Sample topics include: bird communication, territorial behavior, migration, and species formation and hybridization. Although the emphasis is on Bay Area birds, this class provides a framework for understanding the natural history of birds in general. Upon completion, participants should have the skills to identify diverse groups of birds, and a deeper understanding of why the species that they observe do what they do.

Optional weekend field trips will provide context and hands on learning. 

Instructor: Andrew Rush


Class Fee: $275
Class Fee with Early Registration: $260 (if registered by 9/5)
Date(s): 9/12/17 - 11/28/17
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Number of meetings: 12
Location: John Adams
Rm: 323