Welcome to the CCSF Continuning Education Department

The Office of Continuing Education provides a diverse program of not-for-credit classes, workshops and seminars to support lifelong education. The CCSF Continuing Education program is not supported by public funds and is financed entirely by class fees. 

Register Early!  When noted, a $15 discount is offered to students who register a week or more before the class starts!

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Art Classes:

AR115 Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) 4/29/17


FP105 How to Pick Stock and Bond Mutual Funds 4/24/17-5/1/17


WR262 Maximizing LinkedIn for Authors and Artists 4/29/17

Wine Tasting:

FW360 Bubbles - Champagne and Sparkling Wines 5/6/17

Health Certification:

HE158 Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification 5/13/17



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