Transitional Studies

Announcement of Curricula

General Information

The Transitional Studies Department offers ongoing instruction in CCSF High School Diploma Program, General Educational Development (GED), Adult Basic Education (ABE), and Vocational Foundation Skills. The curriculum consists of noncredit courses in reading, writing, mathematics and specific subjects at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Instructional methodology includes both individualized and traditional classroom instruction.

All courses are free of charge and are without college credit.

Program Goals. Provide a comprehensive program leading to the CCSF High School Diploma; prepare students to pass the GED examination; help students to achieve competency in Adult Basic Education; provide students with basic skills for living, employment; develop student readiness to succeed in college credit classes and Career/Technical Certificate programs.

Admission Requirements. All skill levels are accepted. After testing in reading, writing, and mathematics, students are enrolled at a level matching their skills and geared toward their educational objectives. Students entering the GED in Spanish program are required to be fluent and literate in Spanish.

Offered at the following centers:

Instruction in Spanish is offered only at the Mission Campus.

John Adams 561-1900
Adult Learning Center 241-2300
Mission 920-6043
Southeast 550-4300
African American Scholastic Program                452-5315


Noncredit Certificate Curricula

Area of Study. Elementary and secondary basic skills. Workforce preparation classes, in the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing mathematics, decision-making, and problem solving skills that are necessary to participate in job-specific technical training.

Announcement of Courses

Noncredit Courses

Level I

Noncredit Courses

Level II

Noncredit Courses

Level III

Advanced classes in reading, writing, communicating, mathematics and critical thinking in specific High School subjects. Required coursework for the City College of San Francisco High School Diploma Program. Courses also prepare students for subject matter examinations on the GED and for transfer to credit.

Noncredit Courses

Vocationally Related Courses

Prepare for Employment, Entry Into Job Training Programs, or Further College Study

Noncredit Courses