Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Department provides both academic and production experience in all aspects of theatre. A comprehensive set of courses fulfills general education and transfer requirements.

Purpose. Students participating in the theatre arts program learn to express themselves creatively through application of the theatrical skills of acting, directing, design, technical production, and stagecraft. They develop critical thinking and analytical abilities related to interpreting and criticizing dramatic literature. Students collaborate as effective team members in performing established material or in creating original work.

Among the skills developed:

  • Apply learned knowledge and skills to new and varied situations.
  • Use feedback to improve performance.
  • Implement time management skills to complete a task.
  • Identify an objective and devise and implement a plan of action.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and apply standard practices of ensemble playing in a rehearsal/performance environment.
  • Demonstrate skill for technical aspects of acting, including physical, vocal, imaginative, analytical and emotional elements.
  • Compare and contrast theatrical periods and styles in terms of acting, directing, playwriting, and technical elements.
  • Analyze theatre as a dynamic art form influencing society.
  • Apply technical processes, including lighting, set, costume, and/or stage make-up design, as they pertain to a given dramatic script.

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses


Set Design

Lighting Design

Make Up and Costume

Acting Fundamentals

Scene Study

Performance Projects

Physical Theatre

Acting in Media

Shakespeare for Actors

Vocal Production and Audition

Performing Storytelling

Comedy -Play Rehearsal and Performance 

Drama-Play Rehearsal and Performance  

Classical-Play Rehearsal and Performance  

Tragedy-Play Rehearsal and Performance  

Physical Education courses in modern dance, folk dance, and ballet. See listings for course description.