Theatre Arts




Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Enrollment Limitations on Physical Education and Visual or Performing Arts Courses

Per title 5 Section 55041, effective Fall 2013, students may not enroll more than four times in "active participatory courses that are related in content" in the areas of physical education or visual and performing arts, which includes art, dance, music, and theatre. This limitation applies even if a student receives a substandard grade or "W" during one or more of the enrollments in such a course or if the students petition for repetition due to extenuating circumstances.

Theatre Arts courses that are related in content are grouped together in "families" of courses below. The families are indicated by their headings, e.g., Play Rehearsal and Performance, Stagecraft, etc. For the most up-to-date listing of courses and families, refer to the online catalog,


Set Design

Lighting Design

Make Up and Costume

Directing for the Theatre

Acting Fundamentals

Scene Study

Performance Projects

Physical Theatre

Acting in Media

Vocal Production and Audition

Shakespeare for Actors

Performing Storytelling

Comedy -Play Rehearsal and Performance 

Drama-Play Rehearsal and Performance  

Classical-Play Rehearsal and Performance  

Tragedy-Play Rehearsal and Performance  

Related Courses

Physical Education courses in modern dance, folk dance, and ballet. See listings for course description.