Radiologic Sciences

Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the Radiologic Sciences Department. The Radiologic Sciences Department at City College of San Francisco is dedicated to the advancement of the allied health care industry by providing educational opportunities that foster ethical and compassionate behavior, professional development, and a respect for human diversity. The accomplishment of this mission is embedded in our values through the department's acronym: CCSF RADSCI

Our Values:

Compassionate patient care

Continued pursuit of learning

Sensitivity to the learning needs of our students

Fair and equitable treatment for all

Respect for all

Accountability and ethical behavior

Diversity consciousness

Service to the community and the advancement of the Radiologic Technology profession

Commitment to excellence in the Radiologic Technology profession

Integrity of the Education

Our Vision

To provide superior didactic and clinical educational opportunities that ensure CCSF RadSci graduates are among the highest qualified radiologic technologists in the industry.

How we Achieve our Vision

Currency in Didactic Instruction. When our teachers speak from experience, it is current. Most of them continue to practice in the field, and are lecturing on their work experiences that occurred in the very recent past. many faculty members serve on various statewide and national committees that determine the future of Radiologic Technology practice, and hold multiple degrees and credentials.

Superior Laboratory Facilities. The CCSF RadSci Department strives to maintain equipment that reflects what is currently used in the clinical setting. This ensures that students develop strong skills that accompany them into the medical environment.

Strong Clinical Affiliates. Both programs in the CCSF RadSci Department are affiliated with two of the mostly highly rated hospitals in the country: UCSF Medical Center, and California Pacific Medical Center which provides innovative radiation oncology equipment and treatment pocedures. The diagnostic Medical Imaging Program is affiliated with one of the leading Level 1 trauma centers in the nation: San Francisco General Hospital. Our Affiliates are set in a dynamic urban environment, which provides experience with a diverse patient and professional population.

This combination of excellence in didactic and clinical instruction opportunities ensures that CCSF RadSci Department will fulfill its vision, now and in the future.

Announcement of Curricula


Diagnostic Medical Imaging

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Radiation Therapy Technology

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