Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of courses in Music, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate performance skills in instrumental music, voice, piano, and/or guitar.
  • Appraise how musical works are composed through the study of foundational elements: melody, harmony, rhythm, form, instrumentation and texture.
  • Assess the aesthetic values in music and the roles music plays in the aesthetics of various time periods, styles and world regimes.
  • Evaluate how music has evolved throughout history, and in specific styles and world regions.
  • Choose and rate the career paths in music and the expectations of each field.

Music Theory

The MUS 2A-2B-2C-2D series is a four-semester comprehensive theory program for music students which will transfer as fulfillment of the first two years of lower-division music theory requirements. The MUS 1A-1B, 3A-3B series is a two-semester ear-training and harmony program for music students which will transfer as fulfillment of one year of lower-division music theory requirements.

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Instrumental and Vocal Training

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Applied Training: Guitar

Music 7 Series

(The letter after the 7 indicates the instrument, not the sequence.)

The Music Department recommends that students enrolling in any of the courses in the MUS 7 series enroll concurrently in appropriate music performance courses such as concert band (MUS 16), stage band (MUS 46), pep band (MUS 47), orchestra (MUS 15), string ensemble (MUS 20), brass ensemble (MUS 18), or woodwind ensemble (MUS 17).

Applied Training: Cello

Applied Training: Percussion

Applied Training: Brass

Applied Training: Violin/Viola

Applied Training: Woodwinds

Applied Training: Jazz Piano

Applied Training: Piano

Applied Training: Voice

Music 10 Series

The Music Department recommends that students enrolling in the MUS 10 series should enroll concurrently in a choral-performing group (MUS 12 or 14) or Music Theatre Workshop (MUS 44).

Performance Courses

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Ensemble: Guitar

Ensemble: Jazz/Rock

Ensemble: Chorale

Ensemble: Woodwind

Ensemble: Brass

Ensemble: Piano

Ensemble: Strings

Ensemble: African Drumming

Ensemble: Jazz, Pop, Gospel Choir

Ensemble: Early Music

Ensemble: Large Traditional Instrumental

Ensemble: Large Traditional Choirs

Ensemble: Jazz/Rock Bands

Music Surveys

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses