All music students are encouraged to enroll in at least one of the Music Department performing groups each semester. Knowledge of music fundamentals and the ability to read music are recommended for many music theory, instrumental and vocal training, and performance courses. Where a music course has a sequential prerequisite, check with the Department Chair for skill demonstration equal to the prerequisite.

Music Theory

The MUS 1A-1B, 3A-3B series is a two-semester ear-training and harmony program for music students which will transfer as fulfillment of one year of lower-division music theory requirements.

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Enrollment Limitations on Physical Education and Visual or Performing Arts Courses

Per title 5 Section 55041, effective Fall 2013, students may not enroll more than four times in "active participatory courses that are related in content" in the areas of physical education or visual and performing arts, which includes art, dance, music, and theatre. This limitation applies even if a student receives a substandard grade or "W" during one or more of the enrollments in such a course or if the students petition for repetition due to extenuating circumstances.

Music courses that are related in content are grouped together in "families" of courses below. The families are indicated by their headings, e.g., Applied Training; Guitar, Ensemble; Chorale, etc. For the most up-to-date listing of courses and families, refer to the online catalog,


Instrumental and Vocal Training

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Applied Training: Guitar

Music 7 Series

(The letter after the 7 indicates the instrument, not the sequence.)

The Music Department recommends that students enrolling in any of the courses in the MUS 7 series enroll concurrently in appropriate music performance courses such as concert band (MUS 16), stage band (MUS 46), pep band (MUS 47), orchestra (MUS 15), string ensemble (MUS 20), brass ensemble (MUS 18), or woodwind ensemble (MUS 17).

Applied Training: Cello

Applied Training: Percussion

Applied Training: Brass

Applied Training: Violin/Viola

Applied Training: Woodwinds

Applied Training: Jazz Piano

Applied Training: Piano

Applied Training: Voice

Music 10 Series

The Music Department recommends that students enrolling in the MUS 10 series should enroll concurrently in a choral-performing group (MUS 12 or 14) or Music Theatre Workshop (MUS 44).

Performance Courses

Ensemble: Guitar

Ensemble: Large Traditional Choirs

Ensemble: Jazz/Rock

Ensemble: Chorale

Ensemble: Large Traditional Instrumental

Ensemble: Woodwind

Ensemble: Brass

Ensemble: Piano

Ensemble: Strings

Music Surveys

Other Music Performance Courses

Ensemble: African Drumming

Ensemble: Jazz, Pop, Gospel Choir

Ensemble: Jazz/Rock Bands

Ensemble: Musical Theatre