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A student new to the City College Mathematics Program should first take the appropriate placement exam(s), then consult with a mathematics advisor or counselor before enrolling in a mathematics course.

To enroll in a particular mathematics course, a student must have satisfied the prerequisites for that course.

Credit, Non-Degree Applicable Courses

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

The Mathematics Department offers two geometry courses: (1) MATH 50 emphasizes problem solving and applications, and (2) MATH 55 emphasizes proofs and the logical structure of geometry but includes problem solving and applications. Students intending to study precalculus algebra, trigonometry, or calculus should take MATH 55.

The Mathematics Department offers two calculus sequences:

  1. The sequence MATH 110A-B-C is designed for majors requiring a strong foundation in calculus, for example, mathematics, physical science, computer science, and engineering.
  2. The sequence MATH 100A-B is designed for majors requiring exposure to calculus, for example, business, social science, and some life sciences.

NOTE: Calculus requirements vary depending on the transfer institution and the intended major. Students should consult the CCSF Transfer Center or their intended transfer institution to determine which calculus sequence fulfills their needs.