Library Information Technology

Announcement of Curricula

General Information

The curricula in Library Information Technology aims to meet the needs of individuals seeking paraprofessional employment or advancement in a library or related information service agency; or those seeking an introduction to libraries and information services in anticipation of further study in library science.

The associate degree major complements requirements for graduation from the college, while the program leading to a certificate is designed for individuals transferring to a senior college or already possesing an academic degree.

Admission. Enrollment is open to all interested students.

Course of Study. The course of study includes instruction in library organization and services; standard reference materials; supervision; computer applications; the acquisition, processing, and cataloging of print and non-print materials, legal, medical and business resources, and practical experience in a library or resource center. Students are encouraged to augment study with courses from other college departments such as office systems, graphics, or computer networking and communications technologies.

Employment. As employment in the field is competitive, students should assume entry level library work early in their studies. Those who complete the curriculum satisfactorily may find advantages when taking civil-service examinations with federal, state, country, and city agencies.

Students completing the Curriculum are now eligible for the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) through the American Library Association - Allied Professional Association, for information see

Degree Curriculum

The associate degree program is designed as an academic major for students satisfying requirements for graduation from City College. Students completing the major requirements listed below and the other graduation requirements will receive the Associate in Science in Library Information Technology. General education, elective and advised courses will be selected according to the student's educational and occupational objectives.



Announcement of Courses

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Library Information Skills

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of courses in Library Information Skills, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate information competency and critical thinking skills through their ability to effectively acquire, interpret, critically evaluate and use information for oral, written and visual expression, with some understanding of its ethical and legal ramifications.

Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Noncredit Courses