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Credit, Degree/Certificate Applicable Courses

NOTE: Some courses include a materials fee.

Credit, Non-Degree/Certificate Applicable Courses

Non-Credit Courses

NOTE: *Currently offered as CCSF Extension courses.

* FASH 6055. Beginning Upholstery (70 hrs)

Upholstering as a trade. Focusing on the skills necessary for upholstering new and existing residential and commercial upholstered furniture. Upholstering as a professional business - wholesale or retail, including fabric and pattern layout, sewing.

All sections will charge a materials fee of $55.


* FASH 6056. Advanced Upholstery Trade (70 hrs)

Advanced upholstery builds on the skills learned in beginning upholstery with a focus on preparing students for a career in upholstery as a trade. Students will work on their own furniture. They will learn antique upholstery furniture restoration techniques as well as novelty upholstery treatments such as headboards, lambrequins and screens.

All sections will charge a materials fee of $55