ESL Noncredit Certificates

Announcement of Curricula

Noncredit Certificates

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the noncredit ESL program, non-native speakers of English will have the language skills necessary to achieve a variety of social, academic, and vocational goals. Skills include ability to: 1) understand oral communication in a variety of contexts; 2) speak on a variety of topics in social and work-related contexts, 3) use in increasingly complex grammatical patterns, 4) use word analysis, vocabulary development strategies and reading strategies to read and comprehen authentic texts on familiar topics, and 5) write a variety of correspondence and produce coherent short pieces of writing. Learners acquire the basic language, social, and problem-solving skills to participate as responsible citizens and competitive workers.

General Programs

ESL Literacy
ESL Beginning Low 1
ESL Beginning Low 2
ESL Beginning Low 1-2 Intensive
ESL Beginning 1-4 Multilevel
ESL Beginning Low Conversation
ESL Beginning Low Focus Skills
ESL Beginning High 3
ESL Beginning High 4
ESL Beginning High 3-4 Intensive
ESL Beginning High Focus Skills
ESL Computer Assisted Intermediate
ESL Intermediate Low 5
ESL Intermediate Low 6
ESL Intermediate Low 5-6 Intensive
ESL Intermediate Low Focus Skills
ESL Intermediate 5-8 Multi-level
ESL Intermediate High 7
ESL Intermediate High 8
ESL Intermediate High 7-8 Intensive
ESL Intermediate High Conversation
ESL Intermediate High Focus Skills
ESL Intermediate High Reading
ESL Advanced Low 9

Vocational ESL Programs

ESL Beginning Workplace Skills
ESL for Health Professionals
Beginning Low VESL Communication
Beginning Low VESL for housekeeping Workers
Beginning VESL for Construction Workers
Beginning VESL for Janitorial Workers
Beginning VESL for the Hospitality Industry
Intermediate VESL for Biotech Workers
Intermediate VESL for Child Development Workers
Intermediate VESL for Clerical Workers
Intermediate VESL for Construction Workers
Intermediate VESL for Health Workers
Intermediate VESL for Hospitality Workers
Intermediate VESL for Job Searching
Vocational ESL Office Training

General Programs

Vocational ESL Programs