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CCSF English placement testing is required prior to enrollment in English courses. Students may be excused from taking the English Placement Test and may demonstrate their eligibility for ENGL 1A or 1B or 1C by filing an English Placement Test Waiver Form and submitting proof of one of the following to the Matriculation Office, Conlan Hall, Rm 204:

  1. University of California Analytical Writing Placement Exam score of 8 or higher - Eligibility: English 1A
  2. Completion of a U.C. course satisfying the U.C. Entry Level Writing Requirement (e.g. Subject A Course) - Eligibility: English: English 1A
  3. International Baccalaureate Exam scores:
    IB High Level English A Exam score of 5 or higher - Eligibility: English 1A
    IB Standard Level English Exam with score of 6 - Eligibility: English 1A
  4. Any of the following SAT scores:
    SAT Verbal (before 4/95): 510 - Eligibility: English 1A
    SAT Verbal (after 4/95): 590 - Eligibility: English 1A
    SAT II Writing Subject Test: 660 - Eligibility: English 1A
    SAT Reasoning Test, Writing Section: 680 - Eligibility: English 1A
  5. ACT Combined English/Writing Test with score of 30 or higher - Eligibility: English 1A
  6. Advanced Placement Test Exam in English Literature
    Score of 3 - Eligibility: English 1B/1C; Exemption 1A
    Score of 4 - Eligibility: English 1B/1C; Exemption 1A
    Score of 5 - Exemption 1A and 1B/IC

Caution: Not all schools and programs accept AP scores for transfer credit. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate policies and requirements.

    7. Advanced Placement Test Exam English Language
        Score of 3 - Eligibility: English 1B/1C; Exemption 1A
        Score of 4 - Eligibility: English 1B/1C; Exemption 1A
        Score of 5 - Eligibility: English 1B/1C; Exemption 1A

    8. Completion (with "C" or higher) of English 1A - College Level Reading and Composition course or the equivalent - Eligibility: English 1B/1C;
        Exemption 1A

The sequence of composition courses is ENGL 92, 93, 96, 1A, 1B, 1C. The number of ENGL courses that a student is required to complete depends upon his placementy level and educational goal.

A final gade of D or F does not allow the student to progress to the next level in the composition sequence.

Students for whom English is a second language should take the ESL Placement Test. Non-native English speakers with proficient English skills can be placed into the general English sequence through this test.

The chair of the English Department or designee rules on all matters of equivalency of ENGL 1A and 1B courses completed at out-of-state colleges, universities, or private institutions.

For information about challenging English placement see the Testing Office's retake policy ( or meet with the English Eligibility Coordinator in Batmale 514 to schedule a written essay challenge exam. Access the English Eligibility website at


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