Computer Networking and Information Technology

General Information

For students who wish to transfer to a four-year college, or who want computer training that will lead to employment, the Computer Networking and Information Technology Department offers certificate programs. Areas of study include computer technical support, networking, and security.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete vocational and occupational department certif­icates demonstrate technical and professional competencies that meet industry standards for employment, and are prepared for industry-recognized external certification exams.

Transfer to Other Colleges and Universities. Students who complete the two-year Associate in Science degree program may choose to con­tinue their education and earn a Bachelor’s degree. City College of San Francisco has transfer agreements with many of the California State University and University of California campuses.

Students who are interested in transferring after completion of the two-year degree program should consult the “Transfer Information” section of this catalog and discuss their plans with their program advi­sor or counselor.





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