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Asian Studies

General Information

The Asian Studies Department has a flexible interdisciplinary program designed to assist students who are interested in acquiring knowledge and interests in Asian culture and language. The diverse faculty members offer a rich and supportive small class environment that encourages critical thinking and participatory involvement in Asian subjects. Most of its courses are UC and CSU transferable which prepare students for continuing in degree programs in the DC and the CSU systems.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course within the program, students should be able to:

  • Apply and demonstrate analytical and critical skills in Asian history and literature
  • Demonstrate comprehension of understanding in Asian fine arts work including music, art, films, and calligraphy
  • Recognize and explain in Asian cultural values, politics, and social changes.
  • Compare and contrast similarities and differences between Western and Asian cultures
  • Differentiate varies career path relating to Asian studies
  • Explain and recognize psychology of Asian, thoughts and physical movement that incorporates meditation into motion


Credit, Degree Applicable Courses

Chinese Language Courses: See the listing for Chinese.

Japanese Language Courses: See the listing for Japanese.