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Preparing to change careers or beginning a new one can be a very exciting, rewarding and challenging time in your life. City College of San Francisco offers over 140 career and technical programs in a multitude of fields, from aeronautics and architecture to business and construction to health care and transportation. Selecting what fits your individual needs and desires is a special experience that requires knowledge. We want you to be informed of all the resources available to you while take on the challenge of entering or reentering the world of work.

Here at CCSF we offer you many resources and services to set you in the right path. Also available to you are a wealth of external online resources. Here are just a few:

Explore your options, including information on:

  • what you can learn and earn in a program
  • what kinds of jobs you can get upon program completion
  • how long it will take to complete a program
  • where to go for more detailed information

Take a quick and fun survey to learn more about yourself…specifically your interests and how they may play out in the world of work. This survey matches up your interests to career and technical programs offered at CCSF. Explore the possibilities with this new knowledge of yourself and apply them to a course of study and ultimately a new career.

Offers CCSF students and alumni assistance in choosing majors and careers. Career counselors will assist with career assessment, exploration, planning, and provide resources such as career coaching/mentoring.

  • Career Resource Lab & Library

Located in the CCSF Science Bldg., Room. 127 Software tools available: Eureka, Choices, CareerPath, ResumeWriter, WinWay, Internet Access.  Career Assessment tools available: Myers-Briggs, Strong, Valuesort, Skillscan, SDS, COPS.

find your career

  • Community College Resources:

Who Do U Want 2 B? Information on California high school and community college courses, career options, and financial assistance are at your fingertips. This site will help you make decisions about the right courses to take in high school and community college so that you have the opportunity to turn that passion of yours into a great job and a great future.