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ILO #2 Assessment

Goals for ILO assessment:

  • Gather mapping data for ILO #2 and consider refinements/gaps/next steps.
  • Review outcomes and refine as necessary to ensure continued value and appropriateness.
  • Develop/refine rubric to simplify collation of data among multiple instructors and provide examples of assessment methods, criteria, and rubric translations for a variety of programs.
  • Develop instructions and examples to go to all coordinators of ILO #2-assessed programs explaining how to use rubric at end of semester and reminding them that they will enter their information into end-of-semester reporting forms.
  • Review end-of-semester reports after assessment is completed and summarize, analyze, and report on results
  • Facilitate college-wide discussion of the results and suggested next steps
  • Complete a final evaluation report on the results and the process


Fall 2014:

  • Continue to engage college community in discussion and next steps
  • Evaluate the process
  • Produce COM ILO Mapping Report--DRAFT Completed. 


Spring 2015:

  • Collect final data from depatrments not submitting in Fall 2015
  • Analyze results
  • Draft report and finalize recommendations
  • Share final report with campus community.