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GE Area E Workgroup

Goals for Area assessment:

  • Review existing mapping data for area and consider refinements/gaps/next steps.
  • Review outcomes and refine as necessary to ensure continued value and appropriateness.
  • Develop/refine rubrics to simplify collation of data among multiple instructors.
  • Develop instructions and examples to go to all instructors of assessed courses explaining how to use rubric at end of semester and reminding them that they will enter their information into future reporting forms.
  • Review reporting forms after assessment is completed and summarize, analyze, and report on results
  • Facilitate college-wide discussion of the results and suggested next steps
  • Complete a final evaluation report on the results and the process

GEOs  were assessed during Spring 2014:  

Area E: Humanities requirement

Upon completion of this coursework, a student will be able to:

  1. Exhibit an understanding of the ways in which people through the ages in various cultures have created art
  2. Demonstrate an aesthetic understanding
  3. Make informed value judgments
  4. Create an example of linguistic expression or philosophical reasoning
  5. Contribute to the disciplines of fine and performing arts and analytical or creative writing
New GE E Outcomes approved by Academic Senate in December 2014: 
  • Exhibit an understanding of the ways in which people in diverse cultures and eras have produced culturally significant works.
  • Communicate effectively the meaning and intentions of creative expression.
  • Use analytical techniques to assess the value of human creations in meaningful ways.Demonstrate an understanding of the human condition through language, reasoning, or artistic creation.

Past Meetings

Workgroup Meeting Notes

Past Fall 2014 Meetings:

  • September 5, October 17, November 14
  • Art 216

Past Spring 2014 Meetings:

Spring 2014:

  • December 6 (2013), January 10, February 28, April 18, May 9
  • S37


Chair: Stephan Johnson, Philosophy/Social Sciences

Note taker: Kristina Whalen, Speech Communication

  • Jeff Liss, Humanities/English
  • Stephan Johnson, Philosophy/Social Sciences
  • Tanichya Wongprasert, Speech Communication
  • Sean Kim, English
  • Andrew Leone, Art
  • Jerry Lum, Architecture
  • Isabel Motamedi, Foreign Language
  • Lauren Muller, Interdisciplinary Studies