SLO Committee

Academic Senate SLO Committee

Academic Senate SLO Committee is a formally recognized committee that reports to the Academic Senate and meets biweekly.

Goal: Support and refine faculty SLO activities, including professional development, dialogue, evidence gathering, and reporting in cooperation with the SLO Coordinator. These meetings are open to everyone.

Meetings: Fall 2014 (usually biweekly) on Wednesday from 2:30-4 pm. Location: C 230

Upcoming meetings

FALL 2014 -- November 12th, Cloud 230


  • Analysis of mapping report
  • Validation data review
  • Professional Development FLEX days - what will SLO committee submit with respect to training.
  • Coordinator release update

NEXT meetings:   December 3rd, December 17th 

Past meetings

Meeting notes (from past meetings:)

Prior to participatory governance reorganization: