2012 Fall Results

Spring 2013 Plan & Fall 2012 Review of SLO & Outcomes Assessment Activities

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Evaluation of the Process


1. How do we handle backing-up errors?
If you back up to review a page while entering data, you might end up with an error message saying you can't proceed without completing the answers to all questions (which, of course, you've completed). If you encounter this error message, just back up all the way to the first page, and then move forward again, page by page, until you get to where you left off. This should solve the problem.

2. What are our editing options?
After you submit, you can go back and change your answers, but only if you leave your browser window open with the "edit submission" link. You can open a new browser window to review your submission online (through the online web pages devoted to showing the data) and then return to your original browser window if you want to fix something. However, after you close that browser window, all other major edits must be completed by resubmitting  a new version of the form. The most recent submission of a given course or service area is the one that will appear in the online data review. If you have minor edits to a submission, you can email me to make the change behind the scenes. Use this option sparingly please! (*Detailed WORD document with full instructions and questions for course SLO assesessment.*)

Data archives

  • Review plans submitted for courses and instructional programs in Fall 2012.