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Assessment Planning Team

The college-wide SLO Assessment Team is a workgroup that began under the Accreditation Team, but is now a working group under the Planning Participatory Governance committee.

Goal: Assist the SLO Coordinator in developing plans, processes, reports, and dialogue across the college for outcomes assessment (across all units).

Chairs: SLO Coordinator and Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Most Recent Meetings

Fall 2015 Meeting

November 9th, 1:00-2:30, L108


Attendees:  Wendy Miller, Andrea Niosi, Chien (Ken) Lin, Laura Lara-Brady, Pamela Mery, Sheri Miraglia, Mandy Liang, Katryn Wiese, and Kristina Whalen

1.      Institutional Assessment Plan – The November 2015 update contains substsantial revisions to reflect new CurricUNET modules and additional SLO coordinator roles.  In addition, a key graphic (on page 15) updates an old graphic circa 2012 to more fully reflect how SLO-related recommendations gain traction through Participatory Governance.  Additional topics discussed included the definition of program and refinement of AUOs and SSOs. Input from APT members was received.  Following additional edits, the revised plan will be shared for further input from the Academic Senate and Planning Committee.  It will be presented to PGC as informational.   

2.      Institution-Set Standards – Additions are underway for noncredit with anticipated input from Senate's Noncredit Issues Committee.  The state has created a new CTE group which will expand reporting in that area: "Skills Builder."

3.      Institutional Effectiveness Performance Indicators – We anticipate that the state will require setting goals for additional IEPIs in spring 2016.  CCCCO has not yet announced specifics.