3/15/2013 ACCJC SLO Report

Supporting evidence

Course SLOs

1.1a Course SLOs webpage

1.1b Department Details web page

1.1c Sample dept web page: Business

1.1d Sample course outline: HOEC 105

1.1e Sample course outline:  French 1

1.1f Sample course outline: Phot 51

1.1g Sample SLO document: History

1.1h Sample SLO document: Behavioral Sciences

1.1i Curriculum Committee: Credit Course Outline template

1.1j Curriculum Committee: Noncredit Course Outline template

1.1k Curriculum Committee: Excerpts from Curriculum Committee Handbook and Policies (include only SLO-relevant sections)

Instructional Program SLOs

1.2a Program SLOs webpage

1.2b Sample: Biological Sciences Major

1.2c Sample: Administration of Justice Major

1.2d Sample: Construction Management Core Skills Certificate

1.2e Sample: Art Discipline

1.2f Curriculum Committee PSLO creation/refinement instructions

Student Service Program SLOs

1.2g Sample student service department web page: Continuing Student Counseling 

1.2h Sample PSLOs web page: Continuing Student Counseling -- Outcomes

General Education SLOs

1.3a GEOs webpage

1.3b GEOs mapping Fall 2012 overview screenshot

1.3c Sample: GEO mapping Area C

Institutional SLOs

1.4a ILOs webpage

1.4b ILOs mapping to Mission

Course SLO Assessments

1.5a Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review: Courses (overview page)

1.5b Sample: AAPS courses -- Fall 2012 Activities 

1.5c Sample: AAPS courses -- Spring 2013 Plans

1.5d Sample: Women's Studies Fall 2012 Review

1.5e Sample: Dental Assisting Fall 2012 Review

1.5f Sample: Registered Nursing Fall 2012 Review

1.5g Sample: LBGT Fall 2012 Review

1.5h Sample: DSPS Spring 2013 Plans

1.5i Course Assessment Summary Report February 2013

1.5j Sample assessment method: PE & Dance

1.5k Sample assessment rubric: Art 132

1.5l Sample assessment method: Geology 10

Instructional Program SLO Assessments

1.6a Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review:  Instructional Programs (overview page)

1.6b Sample: Architecture Spring 2013 Plans

1.6c Sample: Radiologic Sciences Fall 2012 Review

1.6d Sample: IDST Fall 2012 Review

1.6e Sample: Fashion Fall 2012 Review

1.6f Program Assessment Summary Report February 2013

1.6g Sample assessment method: Physics

Counseling Program SLO Assessments

1.7a Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review: Counseling Programs (overview page)

1.7b Sample: Veteran's Counseling Fall 2012 Review & Spring 2013 Plans

1.7c Counseling Program Assessment Summary Report February 2013

1.7d Sample assessment method: Transfer Counseling

Student Service Program SLO Assessments

1.8a Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review: Admin & Student Services (overview page)

1.8b Sample: Student Health Services Fall 2012 Review

1.8c Sample: Student Health Services Spring 2013 Plans

1.8d Service/AUO Assessment Summary Report February 2013

1.8e Sample assessment method: Guardian Scholars

Program Data available for Assessments

1.9a Office of Planning & Research Program Review main page

1.9b Sample data across the college (credit and noncredit)

1.9c Sample data on CCSF transfers to SFSU

GEO Assessments

1.10a GEO assessment webpage

1.10b Spring 2013 GE Area C workgroup webpage

1.10c GEO assessment plan details Spring 2013

1.10d Fall 2011 Pilot GEO assessments

ILO Assessments

1.11a ILOs assessment webpage

1.11b Assessment Plan

1.11c Spring/Fall 2013 ILO 1 workgroup webpage


Professional Development

2.1a Professional Development website main page

2.1b Flipping without Flopping Series main page

2.1c Ed Tech Series main page

2.1d Flipping without Flopping Feb 13, 2013 web page

2.1e Assessing Program SLOs Jan 17, 2013 web page

2.1f Sample future event: Assessing Learning Styles: May 3, 2013 web page

2.1g FLEX days sample: Sept. 12

Email updates

2.2a Update Email from SLO Coordinator (main page of SLO website)

2.2b Update Email archives

CCSF Highlights

2.3a January Highlights page

2.3b February Highlights page

2.3c Current Highlights page

Department Meetings and Minutes

2.4a Sample Department SLO meeting presentation: CAHS All-Day Retreat - Aug. 13, 2012

2.4b Sample Department SLO meeting minutes: Academic Counseling

2.4c Sample Department SLO meeting agenda: Art

Program Reviews and SLOs

2.5a Program Review template

2.5b Program Review resource request scoring rubric

2.5c Guidelines for Completing Form

2.5d Sample Program Review: Graphic Communications

2.5e Sample Program Review: Music

2.5f Sample Program Review: ESL

2.6 Program Review – SLOs – Summary Report


Samples of college-wide improvements

3.1a New placement-testing procedures 

3.1b English placement testing policy

3.1c Math bump up explanation

3.2a Fall 2012 Report: Continuing Student Counseling

3.2b Focus Groups Rubric of results -- Continuing Student Counseling

3.2c Focus Groups overview report -- V.C. Student Development

3.3a Upgrades to the Student Hiring Eligibility Process

3.3b Initial kickoff email

3.3c Job Posting upgrades

3.3d Most recent release

Curriculum Currency

3.4a Curriculum currency memo – Joanne Low, VC Academic Affairs

3.4b Follow-up policy memo – Tom Boegel, Dean of Instruction

Employee evaluations

3.5 Faculty evaluation form

3.6 Department Chair evaluation form (District/DCC Collective Bargaining Agreement Appendix B)

Dean and VC meeting minutes

3.7a Sample Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Deans Meeting Agendas with SLOs

3.7b Sample Vice Chancellor of Student Development Deans Meeting Agenda with SLOs: 12/17/2012

3.7c Sample School Dean Chair’s Meeting Agenda with SLOs: School of Liberal Arts

Center assessments

3.8a AUO web page

3.8b Sample center assessment web page: Downtown Center

3.8c Sample center assessment report: Mission Center

3.8d Sample Center/site meeting agenda with SLOs ( Evans Center)

3.8e Sample assessment method: Downtown Center Student Survey


SLO web resources

4.1 SLO website Resources page with drop-in help lab hours

4.2 CCSF SLO Handbook – September 11 draft

4.3a Outcomes Assessment resource web page

4.3b Sample template: CCSF Outcomes Assessment Plan

4.3c Sample template: CCSF Individual Assessment Notes

4.4 Main website feedback form

4.5 Sample department training agenda w/SLO coordinator (MRSD)

SLO committees, teams, and work groups

4.6a 2013 SLOC web page

4.6b 2012 SLOC web page

4.7a Assessment Team web page

4.7b Sample Assessment Team Minutes: December 10, 2012

4.8 Sample Accreditation Work Group agenda: Work Group 4 10/9/2012


Department reports

5.1a Metro Academy of Health: SLO Assessment Plan

5.1b Metro Academy of Health: SLO Assessment Results

5.1c Sample Department web page: Library & Learning Resources

5.1d Sample Department web page: Math

5.1e Sample Department web page: PE & Dance

5.1f Sample Department web page: New Student Counseling

5.1g Sample departmentally developed instructor report: Learning Assistance Center

5.1h Sample departmentally developed course report: Sound Recording (BCST 125)

5.1i Sample departmentally developed course report: English 92/93

5.1j Sample departmentally developed course report: Public Safety-Emergency Medical Response (FSC 17)

5.1k Sample departmentally developed course report: Environmental Studies (Bio/Sust/Geog 91)

5.1l Sample department highlights: Business

5.1m Sample department highlights: Computer Science

5.1n Sample department highlights: DSPS

5.1o sample department highlights: Transitional Studies

5.1p Sample department highlights: Child Development

5.1q Sample department assessment report: DMI

College reports

5.2a Online reporting form instructions for Fall 2012 Plans (due Aug. 31, 2012)

5.2b Online reporting form for course assessments for Fall 2012 Plans (due Aug. 31, 2012)

5.3a Online reporting form instructions for Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review (due Jan. 31, 2013)

5.3b Online reporting form for course assessments for Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review (due Jan. 31, 2013)

5.3c Online reporting form for instructional program assessments for Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review (due Jan. 31, 2013)

5.3d Online reporting form for counseling program assessments for Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review (due Jan. 31, 2013)

5.3e Online reporting form for service assessments for Spring 2013 Plans & Fall 2012 Review (due Jan. 31, 2013)


Course SLOs aligned with Degree SLOs

6.1 Bipartite Meeting Notes Fall 2012

6.2 Recommendations & plans for ongoing GEO-mapping

6.3a Active Programs and PSLO/Course mapping status (02/06/2013)

6.3b PSLO mapping sample: Speech Communication Certificate

6.3c PSLO mapping sample: Physics Major

6.3d PSLO mapping sample: Library Technology Certificate

6.4a Curriculum Committee instructions on Program mapping

6.4b PSLO mapping template instructions

6.4c Curriculum Committee Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 minutes

Demonstrating Student Awareness

7.1a Sample course syllabus: LERN 60

7.1b Sample course syllabus: GIS 111

7.1c Sample course syllabus: LALS 1

7.2a Jan. 11 FLEX workshop on Demonstrating Student Awareness

7.2b Sample class activity engaging students in SLO awareness: MUS 5A

7.2c Sample class activity engaging students in SLO awareness: English 93

7.2d Sample class activity engaging students in SLO awareness: Speech 1A (used in INSIGHT shell)

7.2e ESL Classroom Signs (website with signs)

7.2f ESL Classroom Signs (explanation)

7.2g ESL Classroom Signs (sample)

7.3a Student Survey: Image of first page

7.3b Student Survey: PDF of text

7.3c Student Survey: email instructions

7.4 Summary of Student Survey Data