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September 17, 2013



Engage in wide-spread college dialogue about ongoing accreditation efforts and challenges in programs across the college.
Identify positive solutions and areas in which each of us can play a role.


  • Learn what’s happening across the college and what role each of us can play in contributing to success for the institution
  • Participate in discussions (learn from others and share your own experiences, ideas, and suggestions)
  • Take notes (notes handout and copy of agenda, ACCJC eligibility requirements, and ACCJC standards to be provided for everyone in the morning)
  • Report back in school and division meetings, and through online evaluation form that will be sent out after the meeting. *Notes submitted through online form will go to presenters of each concurrent session for incorporation into online summaries to be posted on website. In this way we can ensure folks can learn about sessions they couldn't attend (including part-timers and others who are not able to make it to campus that day).
  • Flex Credit Guidelines


  • Please bring with you a writing utensil, a hard surface on which to write, and a willingness to take notes and share ideas!
  • Make sure you know the room to which you've been assigned for the main event.

    September 17th, 2013 -- FLEX DAY AGENDA

  • 8-8:45 am -- Crown Catering -- west side of VART building -- breakfast snacks, coffee, and tea (complimentary)
  • 8:45 am -- Assemble and find your meeting room (see below for assignment).
  • 9-10:30 am -- WHOLE COLLEGE meeting led by College Leadership, updating us on accreditation progress and challenges across the college, and small-group discussions about impacts to our programs and ways we can help. ( webcast information) CRN: SLO.F13-500
    • Presenters:
      • Agenda Review & Guidelines for discussion (positive – solutions!)
      • Chancellor Scott-Skillman – Welcome
      • Special Trustee Agrella – Board priorities & updates
      • Vice Chancellor Naples – Introduction of Student Services Division leadership: their roles/new organization
      • Vice Chancellor Low – Introduction of Academic Affairs Division leadership: their roles/new organization
      • Acting Vice Chancellor Peter Goldstein – Introduction of Finance & Administration Division leadership: their roles/new organization
      • Accreditation Liaison Officer – Gohar Momjian – ACCJC standards, Eligibility Requirements, and Recommendations – Updates & Progress
      • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness – Pam Mery – Program Review
      • SLO Coordinators – Kristina Whalen and Katryn Wiese – Outcomes Assessment
      • (PDF of presentation)
    • Sign Language Interpreters: Ari-Asha Castalia and Deanna Dieckman
    • Location: Live presentation in the Diego Rivera Theatre + real-time streaming video of the event in the rooms described below (all CCSF employees have been assigned to a room in an attempt to create a diverse mix of faculty and staff in each room -- thanks for your cooperation!):
      • Diego Rivera Theatre -- (audience: anyone who wants to attend the live event can do so, but it's first come, first served. Doors close at 8:45 am.)
      • VART 114 (Facilitators: Nathan Steele + Anna-Lisa Helmy) -- (audience: employee number ends in 0 to 1)
      • VART 115 (Facilitators: Lindy McKnight + Simon Hanson) -- (audience: employee number ends in 2 or 3)
      • Rosenberg 304 (Facilitators: Doug Love + Sheri Miraglia) -- (audience: employee number ends in 4)
      • Rosenberg 305 (Facilitators: Sami Kudsi + Andrea Niosi) -- (audience: employee number ends in 5)
      • Science 100 (Facilitators: Hitesh Soneji + Diana Markham) -- (audience: employee number ends in 6 or 7)
      • Science 136  (Facilitators: Roger King + Sam Bowne) -- (audience: employee number ends in 8 or 9)
  • 11 am -12 pm -- 10 Concurrent Sessions describing ongoing work across the college in relation to accreditation. 
    • CONCURRENT SESSIONS are first-come, first seats. If full, you’ll have to attend another one. You are encouraged to attend sessions that you DON’T know much about and that you DON’T immediately think you have a role in. Find out what role you DO play. *Departments/Programs should send representatives to key sessions for later report-back
    • Sessions to include (tentative titles and topics): 
      • Outcomes Assessment: serving our students -- Katryn Wiese & Kristina Whalen (S5) (PDF of presentation) CRN: SLO.F13-501.1
      • Program Review: linking budget, mission, and outcomes assessment with planning -- Pam Mery (S100) (PDF of presentation)
        Support/Coordination: Simon Hanson CRN: SLO.F13-501.2
      • Participatory Governance: sharing voices, experience, leadership, and the workload -- Andre Barnes, Fred Teti, Kathleen White (Wellness 103) (PDF of notes)
        Support/Coordination: Craig Persiko CRN: SLO.F13-501.3
      • Centers: meeting the needs of our community -- Darlene Spoor & Terrance Hall (MUB 140) (PDF of presentation) (PDF of session notes)
        Support/Coordination: Sharon Donovan CRN: SLO.F13-501.4
      • Admissions & Records: successfully navigating the waters -- MaryLou Leyba, Monika Liu, Wilbur Wu, Patricia Gant (Rosenberg 304) (PDF of presentation)
        Support/Coordination: Anthony Costa CRN: SLO.F13-501.5
      • Technology: Supporting college operations with efficent and effective solutions -- Tim Ryan, Doug Re, Robert Lam (Diego Rivera Theatre) (PDF of presentation) (PDF of session notes)
        Support/Coordination: Tracy Burt CRN: SLO.F13-501.6
      • Employee Relations: Staffing classified positions -- Mickey Branca (VART 114) (PDF of presentation)
        Support/Coordination: Kerin Keyes CRN: SLO.F13-501.7
      • Facilities: Ensuring safety and reliability of our classrooms and buildings -- Peter Goldstein (S136) (Presentation notes)
        Support/Coordination: Wendy Owens CRN: SLO.F13-501.8
      • Counseling: Helping students navigate schedules, educational plans, and more -- Carl Jew (Rosenberg 305) (PDF of presentation)
        Support/Coordination: Hitesh Soneji CRN: SLO.F13-501.9
      • Enrollment Management: Helping students get the classes they need  -- Tom Boegel (VART 115)
        Support/Coordination: Tarik Farrar CRN: SLO.F13-501.10
      • *NOTE: We purposefully kept concurrent sessions to 10 to facilitate more robust dialogue. As a result, there are many topics we couldn’t cover.
    • FORMAT: Each unit has a main presenter + a co-presenter/facilitator to keep the conversations productive.
      • 10-15 minutes: Update on ongoing accreditation successes and challenges and plans/responsibilities for moving forward
      • 10-15 minutes: Small group discussion of ways in which this area of the college impacts and affects the rest of the college (followed by REPORT OUT)
      • 10-15 minutes: Small group discussion of ways in which everyone can be a part of the solution (followed by REPORT OUT)
      • Q&A/Wrap up
  • 12-1 pm -- Lunch break (Note CCSF Food Services are closed, so bring a bag lunch and join your colleagues)
  • 1-3 pm -- School/Division meetings and report outs (Complimentary cookies available)
    • Units:
      • School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – David Yee (S100) CRN: SLO.F13-502.1
      • School of Business, Technology, Fashion and Hospitality – Nicholas Akinkuoye (VART 114) (PDF of summary notes) CRN: SLO.F13-502.2
      • School of ESL, International Educationand Transitional Studies & School of English and Foreign Languages – Jeffrey Lamb (Diego Rivera Theatre) CRN: SLO.F13-502.3
      • School of Health, Physical Education and Social Services – Terrance Hall (Wellness 103) CRN: SLO.F13-502.4
      • School of Visual and Performing Arts, Jounalism, and Speech – Douglas Bish (VART 115) CRN: SLO.F13-502.5
      • School of Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences and Multicultural Studies – Raymond Gamba (S136) CRN: SLO.F13-502.6
      • Division of Academic Affairs & Chancellor’s Division & Instructional Support* – Darlene Spoor (MUB 140) CRN: SLO.F13-502.7
      • Divisions of Finance & Administration & Student Development – Kathleen Mitchell (Conlan 101) (PDF of review) CRN: SLO.F13-502.8
      • *Library:*Scattered by request (attend most appropriate – liaison groups)
    • Format:
      • First hour: 5-minute report outs from 10 sessions: what was learned
      • Second hour: 10-minute presentations from a few departments/programs on successful efforts/accomplishments associated with last year's outcomes assessment and program review.
  • Final evaluation -- online survey -- to be completed at end of day


  • 7-9 pm -- Evening Session in MUB 140 CRN: SLO.F13-503
    Faciliated by Kristina Whalen & Katryn Wiese (SLO Coordinators) and
    Jeffrey Lamb (Dean of School of English and Foreign Languages)
    (87 participants signed in)
    • 7-8:30 pm -- Rebroadcast of morning introductory session (WHOLE COLLEGE meeting led by College Leadership, updating us on accreditation progress and challenges across the college) with small-group discussions interspered, talking about impacts to our programs and ways we can help.
    • 8:30-9 pm -- Q&A and small group discussion on ways to stay connected to accreditation issues as an evening instructor
    • (Complimentary cookies available)